Busia Uganda, visiting YES

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15th October 2009

Facts about Busia .
Busia is the main town in Busia District the home of Basamia tribe of the larger Baluya tribe which cuts across the common boarder with kenya.Indeed, this boarder is an artificial one created by the colonial rulers.The Town of Busia is a metropolitan beehive of social and Economic Activities with almost all tribes in the entire Uganda found here.It is one of the districts with the highest concetration of elites in the country.It is mainly Agricultural at subsistance level with no major Industries apart from Gold mining at Tiira Gold mines and a fish factory on the shores of Lake Victoria in the South.
15th May 2010

Hi. Thanx for the story, im so impressed! Keep it up...im proudly samia, have never stayed there, didnt know much about it, its kinda a shame an outsider knows more...atleast i've learnt a few things, thank you.

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