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Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja March 15th 2016

Woke up lazily; as I wasn’t sleeping that deeply unfortunately, and got up had a quick rinse and went for breakfast. The coffee was decent, breakfast yummy and Sahara and I sat there (all the other girls had gone white water rafting already) and were just ‘in the moment’, where so many of us long to be. Looked at our watches to see that it was already 9:05 (we were to meet the kayakers at 9) and went “Meh, African time” and finished our coffee overlooking the scenery of the Nile river before sauntering over to the starting point. We met Abraham our guide, Sahara was going Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and I was kayaking as each of us loved those 2 sports, and we could work together speed wise. Got down to the dock, ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja January 15th 2016

Apparently the water levels never change on this part of the Nile due to a dam upstream. So no worries about these rains down in Africa. I heard the Zambezi was the best and I also heard the White Nile in Uganda was the best for commercial white water rafting. Soooooo I already did the Zambezi at the beginning of this tour and now its time to compare. Everything started off the same way; breakfast, briefing, getting the gear. There was no hike down a canyon this time though (thank god) and we did our practice paddling in the calm water. I got a shock when I asked how many rapids we would be doing when our Kiwi guide said 8 because the Zambezi had 19 named rapids and 10 unnamed….woa. I don’t even know how ... read more
a salt water lake...
oh these are some more dr suess plants...

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja July 26th 2014

Today was Safari day. It started out great. We got up early and had breakfast. Chapatti with eggs (similar to a breakfast burrito. Chapatti reminds me of thick Swedish pancake. It's basically a wheat and water mixture that is fried with some spices. We headed out for the park straight after breakfast around 6:30... Best time to see the Animals. At the entrance we met our guide. His name is Savior. Who knows if that is his real name or just his English version. In my past experiences of traveling many of the people I have met change their birth name to something that is easier for Westerners to pronounce and remember especially when they are involved with a job frequently used by foreigners. Savior was hilarious and he reminded me of Nelson Mandela. He spoke ... read more
Entrance to the Safari Park
Sunrise in the park
Britta, Brittany, Kristi and I on the Safari

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 24th 2014

Seeing as tomorrow is the last day with most of the group we decided to all do something fun together as a group. Being here for a month together has made most of us bond or make us act like brother and sister and quarrel often.... like Kristi and Andrew for instance. It's funny how much they tease one another. It's pretty constant but all in good fun.... I think ;) Anyways, we hired a personal driver and headed out towards Mbale to Sipi Falls. It's a short hike to three waterfalls and then there is a giant cave at the end. It was pretty cool. At the second waterfall all of us ended up hiking down and standing underneath the water. It was hilarious. We would stand close and be just getting sprayed a little ... read more
Kevin under the falls
Sipi Falls
From the top

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 23rd 2014

Julius took the group to his village today. He has wanted to introduce us the entire time we have been here but seeing as everyone was so sick we haven't been able to all make it out. His village is fairly close to the hospital so we left from there and walked a couple of miles. We passed this old airstrip. Julius said that in the 70s and 80s there were a group of American doctors who came over and helped start the hospital Freda Carr. They use to land there and bring supplies. They would also work on and off in Uganda during the year. In the 80s however, there was some kind of civil unrest or civil war or something and so they stopped coming and the medical supplies stopped coming as well. Now ... read more
Andrew and I
Dr Julius' Family Compound
Julius and Kevin

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 21st 2014

I went back to KUMI University today with Dr. Stephen. I like the setting and the people there are wonderful. I also appreciate that I get to see more than just malaria and typhoid fever. The building and clinic are very clean and nice too. Much newer and cleaner than all the other clinics we have been at. They serve us lunch there as well. Today we had cabbage with a G-nut (peanut) sauce and tiny little fish diced up eyes and all. They watched me to see if I was going to actually try it and they asked me if I was fearing it. I was terrified to try it but I did and actually liked it. The fish didn't taste like anything. It was similar to the way tofu takes on the flavor of ... read more
The nice office at Kumi
Some of the ladies from Kumi University
The cute kids here

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 20th 2014

Our last full weekend in Africa. This morning we all woke up and relaxed. A group of us played cards this morning. We are a little addicted. I taught everyone how to play hearts and so the other night we had all nine of us playing with two decks. It was a ton of fun and hilarious. It's so funny to see how competitive some people get. Basically we have a ton of super competitive people playing the game. It's hilarious to watch people jest each other all game. We've all gotten really close so everyone seems to argue over cards like brother and sister.... Especially Kristi and Andrew. After a long game of hearts, I went into Kumi by myself. I went to explore, buy some things at the super market, use the internet and ... read more
One of the painting sites... An old dwelling
Nyero Rocks
Nyero Rocks

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 19th 2014

Today was a pretty lax day. Got up and hungout, read some, tanned. Toward dinner Brittany, Cara, Amy and I headed to the town of Kumi for dinner. We were craving a really good meal and decided to go to that place that Kristi and I had visited for dinner for her birthday. I was so excited for Curry again. I found the food here to be a little bland so some spice was perfect. I got vegetable curry and it was so spicy and good. In the middle of dinner we looked up and Dr. Stephen had walked in. He had come down to hangout with us. We all ended up playing some pool and having dinner. Most of us found out how inconsistent we were in pool, but Brittany ended up showing us her ... read more
Out for a good dinner
Cara showing her skills
Vegetable Curry

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 18th 2014

Today I went to Kumi University in Nyero with Dr Stephen. He works at the University clinic on Mondays and Fridays because they are so busy those days and at Freda Carr Hospital the rest of the week. I met him at his house in Nyero in the morning and then we walked to the university. The university clinic sees all people from around the town not just people at the university. The clinic was very nicely set up and more updated than Freda Carr or the rest of the places we have been at. We were very busy. The clinic doesn't see much malaria so it was really interesting seeing the variety of patients. One man came in who was in congestive cardiac failure. He had multiple problems. He was in his 30s or 40s. ... read more
Headed to work
Uganda medical records
Dr Steven calling in patients

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Soroti July 17th 2014

Reality of where we are working and living hit. This is Africa. A mom came in today in labor. They think she had a UTI or Malaria, both of which often cause miscarriages here. This mom was four and a half months along with triplets. The babies started coming and there was nothing anyone could do. They all came out alive. Two died shortly after birth. They were so tiny. The little fingers were the circumference of a Q-tip stick. The third was still alive and crying even around two hours after they were born. I was so excited that one looked like he could make it. I wanted to see how they did neonatal care. What I found out next traumatized me. They have no neonatal care. Ngora is too small and pretty much the ... read more
Waiting on mom
Maternity Unit.... B.Y.O.everything

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