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June 25th 2014
Published: July 2nd 2014
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I met some really interesting people on my flights. A guy from Jerusalem who was working as a camp counselor in NY, a family of six with children all under the age of 8 who are moving to Uganda from Ohio to be part of the organization Kisses from Katie..... That should be a bit of a change for them. The wife/mom is a psychologist and she is going to use that background with the organization and the dad is planning on raising the kids. They have four boys (ages 2,3,6,8) and the two older ones they adopted from Uganda. It sparked a bit of the spirit in my soul that has always randomly thought someday I would do the Peace Corps or some organization like that. Quite interesting to see other people's walks of life and hear their stories, one of my favorite things about traveling.

Anyways, I am here. 😊 Bazil and Alice Musana picked me up at the airport in Entebbe. They are amazing. They sound like they are constantly busy and involved in so many different organizations. They are the Ugandan ambassadors for two different non-profits; Love Volunteers and Advance Africa, have four small boys and Bazil is a doctor at a local hospital. They are both extremely dedicated to their church as well. Four hours every Sunday. Needless to say they are busy. We didn't connect at first and I spent the first 20 minutes in Uganda trying to connect with people on facebook, viper, and texting trying to figure out how to get a ride from the airport. Finally I saw a sign with my name on it and we went straight to the hotel and crashed. 30 hours of flying will knock you out. I think I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. We woke up this morning early and headed for Packwach (6 hours away) which was our base as we explored U Murchison Falls National Park. Safari Day tomorrow; definitely something that I have always wanted to do and never thought I would. When we arrived at Packwach we were given rooms and Brittany, Britta, Kristi and I were given the VIP room. Score, right? Wrong. Yes, more space and bigger beds (queen!) but a toilet that doesn't flushing leeks pee, a tub with no shower and no lights in the bathroom. Definitely, not something we are use to. Luckily for us Cara and Amy let us use their bathroom. :S Another long day of travel sand as Ugandans say, "We are on Ugandan Time" which means everything takes longer.


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