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June 25th 2014
Published: July 2nd 2014
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And the journey begins again...... New blog to keep things fresh.....

Travel is one of those things that is deep within me. It always changes my outlook, makes me appreciate the little things, gives me a fresh look on life and allows time for self-introspection. It has taught me so much about who I am, what I want and who I want to be. Each destination and leg of my journeys has taught me something new. Morocco in 2004 taught me to appreciate the little things when I ventured up to the Atlas Mountains and saw entire communities that lived in caves. 2011 when I had a trip planned for Europe (Italy, Switerland, and Croatia) and my father randomly passed away taught me that life is short and make every moment count. Do what you want now. Don't wait till you retire, don't spend your whole life working away for something that may never happen or you may not physically be able to do! I learned in 2013 on a trip to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia that traveling and backpacking with family and loved ones can connect you in an even deeper bond than you ever knew existed.

I have always wanted to keep a blog, however, I have never been very good about remembering to write one. Also, I have always kept a hard copy, but looking back I wish I would have had it online as well because now I find years later that I keep it in storage and rarely bring it out to look back on. :S This one I am making sure is different. So where do I start.... I have had a bucket list of things since so long ago I can't even remember. There are other parts of my life that are on a bucket list too and most of them have to do with my home life, career and family, but travel has always been a huge part of it. I feel like my soul literally longs for travel. I find myself yearly wishing, hoping, planning in my head for the next opportunity, the next adventure. I always thought the more i travelled the less i would be compelled to but that obviously backfired. My travel bucket list has always looked as follows:
1) Travel in the next two years
2) Travel in the next five This is what the list is looking like these days......

1) Brazil 2016 (hopefully) for the Olympics or Bali with a friend of mine who wants to go there
2) One of the following destinations: Argentina/Chile, South Africa, New Zealand Who knows if any of this will actually happen but you can never reach a goal unless you set them right?

Regardless, my point is that Uganda has never been on that list and here I am heading to Uganda for six weeks. The Seregenti area, Africa, South America has always been there but not specifically Uganda. So I am going in blind (also due to this destination was just decided on and changed to in May) having no idea what to expect. I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants traveller; booking a inbound and outbound flight and not having an itinerary, but this is even different for me because I have no itinerary and I haven't researched the country at all. Usually I at least know the basics about a country. This time I don't even know their monetary unit. Obviously I came here to help in the healthcare system that part is somewhat clear but the extra weeks I have and the weekends, I have no clue what to do, where to go, or literally where I will even be. Any suggestions? 😊 So now I am on a 30 hour adventure (with layovers) to get to Uganda. :S 30 hours of travel is brutal even for the young and most seasoned travellers. Don't get me wrong, I love flying.... But that is a little much even for me. I am on the taller side of the spectrum as well which makes flying challenging. Aisle seats are where it's at because of this little nuance.


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