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May 6th 2006
Published: May 9th 2006
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You payYou payYou pay

This is the bloke who wanted paying!
I'll spare the details of flights and things, lets just say they all went swimmingly and we arrived just after 2pm on the 5th to be met by some of the staff of Rushere hospital, who took us to a rather nice bed and breakfast just outside the capital city of Kampala.

The plan for the saturday (6th) was to get up early, get some Ugandan money (shillings, 1 quid is about 3,300 so basically monopoly money).
All that went fine, so the owner of the guest house we'd been staying at (her name is Alice) took us to the bus park in Kampala to get a bus to Jinja (a place we'd been told is rather good for tourists).
At the bus park we were met by lots of excited Ugandans (you'd think they'd never seen a white person before) who shouted muzungo muzungo (whitey whitey) and tried to sell us various pieces of crap for what i'm guessing were overinflated prices.
Even when we were sat on the bus we were hassled, it seems that a Ugandan tradition is that street sellers hawk their wares on the bus before it departs....they used the usual tactics for selling to British people, one bloke shouted 'tony blair' a few times to get our attention, but when I started talking back at him he lost interest when he saw we weren't buying.
We'd been told the bus would take 1hour or so to get us to Jinja, however we sat in the bus park for over and hour and the journey itself was punctuated with stops. Whenever the bus stopped by the roadside sellers would run alongside and wave meat (rat?) on a stick at the windows to try to get us to buy (however our mummys told us not to eat strange meat so we didn't). I found it all quite amusing and decided I must have a picture of this. So I opened a window and snapped a bloke selling these strange kebabs, once he realised he'd been photoed he decided I should pay him for the priviledge of the shot or atleast buy some of his food, so I did the mature thing and closed the window, grinning at him as we pulled off.
Right well i'm writing these first few enteries a couple of days after they happend as it's now the 9th and we've just got settled in at the hospital. As long as the power holds out I should get a chance to update this diary most nights so i'll continue this day another night.


10th May 2006

Tone It Gaz
Hey G Force. I was starting to think we'd never hear from you. Muzungo - lmfao. I would have told them to stop being so racist. Managed to get the internet for free back here at the house by moving my laptop right up next to the window and jacking on to someones wireless network. Oh yes we're living the dream. Get some pics on the website posthaste.
12th May 2006

Hey G
Hey big G Man! I cannt believe ure in Ugandambongo- ure the first person I know to visit such a land- good luck! We wanna hear stories that are far more interesting than ours (and particularly mikes cus he is slowly turning into interesting Rob from 0D!). Hope everything goes well young sir. Jx
18th May 2006

Hey Mr G-Man
Hey G Force! Nice to see some pics. You should've asked if they'd put loads of donner meat and loads of chilli sauce on those kebabs. God, i'm missing Kebabs. Keep on rocking in the free world. Mike

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