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November 3rd 2008
Published: November 3rd 2008
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I can't believe how long it is since I've done a blog but I think it's quite common ... at first so much is new and exciting and then day to day life takes over. Anyway I have lots of lovely pictures of Uganda for your delight and delictation as I took a week off to go on a big safari trip to the West with John Paul.

On a five day trip we covered many miles - and very many potholes - and stayed in 5 lovely places. Lake Mburo national park in a very posh tent, Isasha in an even posher tent, Mweya in the Ugandan equivalent of a 5 * hotel complete with swimming pool, massages and fabulous cocktails by the campfire for the 'safari' bit of the trip. Then Lake Ndali in the crater lakes - sort of English thatched cottages transferred to Africa with amazing views and the a guest house in Fort Portal.

I won't bore you with endless holiday details but we saw lots of animals, including lions up trees (one of the things to tick off on your 'Do Uganda' list if your so-inclined), lots of elephants and hippos cuddling up to water-buffalo in the Kasinga channel. A brave thing indeed to cuddle up a water buffalo especially as they are the grumpiest-looking animals in Uganda. And we went chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest which was amazing ... I was quite obsessed with chimpanzees at university so it was very exciting to see them in the wild. It was difficult to photograph them as flash photography would upset them and the forest was quite dark and gloomy so you may need to use your imagination slightly on the photos. I did attempt video but it went a bit wrong as some big mean ants were climbing up my trouser legs as I was filming.

Also did a lot of fascinating people watching, accompanied by razor sharp sarcasm from our guide Douglas who was as cool as f***. Highlights were a British couple who's eloquence stretched to 'Great' in one of the visitor books, a man who had his own name tattoed on both wrists and a very odd looking and behaving American lady who almost distracted me from the chimps.

Anyway the pictures will speak for the spectacular beauty of Uganda. I'll answer any questions in next blog. Am back at work now and not enjoying it much but it's only 47 days until I'm coming home for Christmas! And two weekend trips planned before them - one to Sipi Falls in the east where I will probably not abseil down a waterfall and one to Que

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3rd November 2008

Helen Lay you now look perfectly at home on safari!!! Obviously uganda suits you. We all can't wait to see you at Christmas. We went to fireworks on saturday. It was pissing down, but in the typical Brit way we refused to give in. Surprised the fireworks lit, but they are clearly made of stern stuff. Sam and Connor sat hi. Lots of love from us all xxxxxxx
3rd November 2008

properly amazing
This really was the holiday of a lifetime. The magic was far greater than even these lovely pictures convey. And Helen, you were excellent company too JPxxx oh, and Douglas WAS the man!
3rd November 2008

Glad to hear you had a great trip - photos are wonderful (hat is too). Leif is ready to book his ticket to Africa, I think. We are also counting the days to Xmas - flying to NEWC on 18.12, flying back on 2.1. Will be wonderful to see you and hear more about your adventures. Stephanie got a super school report so is very smug and grown-up at the moment. Lots of love, Alison
12th November 2008

David Attenborough would be proud......
......hey lady - these are fantastic photo's and it sounds like a jolly good jaunt! Glad to see your anthropological studies are benefiting your fellow tourists as well as the animal kingdom! Jacob and Morgan are very excited by the Ugandan wildlife and want to get on the plane now! Love the Helen hat too - can I request some pic's of your new abode? And the gate that you are not allowed a key for so when you next ring me when you are banging on the door to be let into your own home I can visualise the full experience! Can't wait for Crimble too!!!
18th November 2008

notes from our foreigh correspondant
right, and this is very important. You are soon to eclipse Kate Adie as our go to girl for international commentary. Not only are you scribblings accurate , witty and un put downable -( i couldnt think of a computer related word - very heavy holding a computer as your read). You ar looking more and more at home in a windswept scarf and hat /safari look. I suggest that if you ever decide to return to civilisation that you hook up with big john Simpson. or the other one, fatter , uglier you know. Anyway you can provide the Glamor. Lookin so so so forward to seeing you and having someone to get drunk with Lots of love Rik x

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