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April 28th 2011
Published: May 1st 2011
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Our First Tanzanian Route

After quitting our jobs, moving out of our apartment and sending our belongings off to storage for a year, we finally began a new chapter of our lives here in Africa.

Our first flight from Hong Kong was to Tanzania and our journey commenced on the tropical island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a small island of 800,000 people, approx 90 % of which are Muslim. Our first few nights were spent at a beach town called Bwejuu located on the east coast of Zanzibar. The east coast is quiet and most of the beaches are untouched, maintaining their natural beauty. Our timing wasn’t perfect as it was the beginning of the low/rainy season and it rained most days. We made the most of our days staying at the Twisted Palm Lodge, had beach walks, hired a Vespa to get around and visit other places on the island. One day out on the bike we got caught in a massive rainstorm and dashed to the nearest shelter we could find which happened to be a hotel on the beautiful beaches of the town, Jambiani. In our drenched clothes, we sat smiling watching the torrential rain, sipped hot coffee and played draughts until the rain subsided.

Only a week into the trip I have already realised that Benn has an ulterior motive for our year around the world – to go fishing in as many places as possible! One day in Zanzibar we arranged with a local fisherman for him to take us out on his boat, which turned out to be a dug-out canoe which could barely float! I spent the course of the next couple of hours bailing water out of the boat to ensure that we did not sink and although we caught no fish and were forced to go back to shore by heavy rain and wind, it was a nice experience.

Our final few days in Zanzibar were spent in the capital, Stone Town which with its myriad of alleyways and winding streets is old, rustic and beautiful. Stone town retains its Arabian/Middle Eastern influences and its people a real mixture of African, Indian and Arabian. History tells us that this tiny island was once the slave-trade capital of Africa, with the Zanzibar main port being used to transport African slaves to the rest of the world.

We love Zanzabarian food, it is delicious. The use of local spices in every dish made them delightful, especially the amazing curries and spicy rice dishes.

Zanzibar became our first taste of the beautiful red African sunset and we look forward to many more over the next eight weeks….

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1st May 2011

Cool entry!
So, Benn, one more guy leaving Zurich, good move! Nice entry, 8 weeks in Africa, where next? I'm in DRC and SA in May. Peter
22nd September 2011

Wow, looks amazing guys! Africa seems like such a far away place, and so vast. How did you decide to go to Tanzania first? Looking forward to more posts! :-)
12th October 2011
CIMG4584 (1280x960)

REALLY beautiful shot of the beach! this is one of the places I want to go thanks for the blog here! any tips you can give would be great, and if you have any questions about colombia ( I have been there already or south america as it looks I'll be hitting it before you guys arrive) Just ask away!! Happy travels!! Hope you don't mind if I tag along on your blog?! Greg
5th November 2011

Travelling envy
Guys, my travelling envy goes from strength to strength each time I read your blogs and look at your amazing photos. I'm extremely jealous and exceptionally proud of you both for living the dream! Love to you both, Susie T xxx

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