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September 29th 2016
Published: October 10th 2016
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Our final epic visit was to the Serengeti National Park; world famous for hosting the "The Great Migration" - 2.5 million animals, mostly wildebeest and zebras travel 800 km in search of water (April to June is the best time to see this). Serengeti is also Tanzania's largest and most treasured national park. If you only make one stop in Tanzania for safari, this is the place to go. Stunning landscapes and an abundance of wildlife make it a truly magical place. When you think of what the wilds of Africa look like, Serengeti is likely what you're picturing. Although our timing wasn't right to see "The Great Migration" the fields were still littered with hundreds and hundreds of Zebra, Wildebeest and Gazelle.

Our guide, Selemani, told us the Serengeti was "the land of cats" and he wasn't lying. On our first day in the park we saw 10 different lions and a cheetah. We had seen a cheetah earlier in Tarangire but this one was a little more active and crossed the road right in front of our truck. It was amazing to see this cat move. The Serengeti ample cat inventory also allowed us to finally say we got to see all of "The Big 5." In our two and half days in the park we found 2 leopards and snapped a boatload of pictures of them.

The leopards are quite elusive and hide themselves quite well. We have no clue how these guides find these cats in the first place. Our untrained eyes would likely miss them even if we were looking for them. If you love cats the Serengeti is the place for you. A couple other cat highlights included 3 male lions we found lounging under a tree and a pair of "honeymooners" which we also got to see in action. Our guide told us the 3 males were likely young brothers and we were able to drive the truck right up to them. Two of the brothers took note of our arrival but one was completely passed out on his back and looked like he might have been sleeping off a hangover - boys will be boys.

The Serengeti also gave us some additional "circle of life" moments. One that was a little gruesome, but very captivating, was a zebra kill by a of couple crocodiles. We actually didn't
Baby ElephantBaby ElephantBaby Elephant

Approx 2 weeks old
see the kill but we came upon the scene not long after it happened. The crocs were still thrashing about and the remainder of Mr. Zebra was bobbing in the water...poor little guy.

Our lodge in Serengeti, Serena Serengeti Safari Lodge, was another un-fenced accommodation located in the center of the park. As you may have guessed that meant no wandering the grounds after dark without an escort. After our first night here we learned at breakfast that 2 lionesses we spotted the night before enjoying the spoils of their previous night's kill, a wildebeest. The action took place right at the entrance to the hotel not more than 100 meters from the guest lodges. As we left on our game drive that morning we saw the half-eaten carcass (they likely left it unfinished as there was too much jeep/human traffic leaving the hotel early in the morning for them to finish their meal in peace). When we arrived back at the lodge that night we were told 6 to 8 lions had been seen in the area and we were given additional reminders not to walk the grounds without an escort. The next day 2 carcasses almost completely devoured were left by the lodge. We took a picture of the remains but our guide got a picture of the lions feasting at night (he came across them while heading to his room). Amazing to know they were so close.

Since we spent our longest stay in the Serengeti there are countless stories we could tell; a pack of elephants escorting a 2 week old baby elephant, our first encounter with a python, endless encounters with giraffes, hyenas, gazelles, dik-diks, cape buffalo, baboons, jackals, birds, etc... but we guess you'll just have to visit with us to see the hundreds of pics, videos and stories we could share.

More pictures below!

We will have one more post after this one to answer some of the questions that we've been asked by many.

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