Tanzania part IV - Butts of Africa

Published: March 22nd 2015
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Elephant buttElephant buttElephant butt

The biggest butt in Africa belongs to the elephant

This might be the ugliest blog entry in entire TravelBlog

When we write that "This might be the ugliest blog entry in entire TravelBlog" we really mean that. If you are easily offended you might be better off to stop reading here and now and not watch the photos posted in this blog entry. We have given this blog entry the title "Butts of Africa" and butts is pretty much all you will see if you continue to read.

When you are on a safari in Africa you are guaranteed to see wild animals, lots of wild animals. At least that is true as long as you go to the large national parks with trustworthy tour companies. There are plenty of animals around and it is impossible to avoid seeing the most common ones as long as you enter the park. The drivers also have contact with each other so when a lesser common animal is spotted, such as a rhino or a lion, they tell each other. So as long as you have a professional driver there is a better than average chance that you will get to see them too.
Zebra buttsZebra buttsZebra butts

Zebras are funny to look at from every angle except this

Finding the animals is one thing, the tour guide/driver will do that for you. Taking nice photos of them is another. Since you for safety reasons are not permitted to leave the vehicle you have no other option than to take the photos from the spot where the driver parked. From where you stand you will find that the animals might stand in the shadows, they can be partly hidden by a tree, they hide in the grass, they stand wrongly compared to the sun and it sometimes feels like they more often than not turn their butts towards you. You have this beautiful female impala standing on a grass covered slope only a handful of steps from the car. The setting sun is behind you making the grazing animal glow. The photo would have made it to the cover of National Geographic Magazine had it not been for the fact that the impala has turned her butt towards you.

Animals haven't learned that mooning is rude so they mind their own business. If minding their own business means turning the head away from you and the rear end towards you that is what animals
Warthog buttWarthog buttWarthog butt

Warthogs aren't pretty on the best of days. Seeing them from behind is not improving things
will do.

We talked about this phenomenon, that animals often show you their buttocks. One of the other tourists who took the tour with us said "I call those photos 'Butts of Africa'. I think I have a hundred of them". That gave us the idea to try to catch as many animal arses as possible and post them all in one separate blog entry. By the way, thank you Tarae for giving us that idea. It was brilliant.

Here it is, animal butts en masse. If you want to see nice cute photos of wild animals, look elsewhere (for instance here or here) because you will not find any such pictures on this page.

Additional photos below
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Impala buttImpala butt
Impala butt

Impalas are not cute from this angle
Thompson's gazelle buttsThompson's gazelle butts
Thompson's gazelle butts

Is two butts twice as ugly as one butt?
Elephant buttsElephant butts
Elephant butts

Is three butts thrice as ugly as one butt?
Quadruple buttsQuadruple butts
Quadruple butts

Is four butts four times as ugly as one butt?
Buffalo buttsBuffalo butts
Buffalo butts

Buffalos are butt ugly from the other end too
Dik-dik buttDik-dik butt
Dik-dik butt

Even the small butt of the dik-dik is not pretty either
Monkey buttMonkey butt
Monkey butt

You are cute from the other end but not from this
Giraffe buttsGiraffe butts
Giraffe butts

The butt most likely isn't the first thing you think about when you think about giraffes. But they have a butt too
Spotted hyena buttSpotted hyena butt
Spotted hyena butt

The hyena butt is covered with fur but it doesn't help much. Still not pretty
Rhino buttRhino butt
Rhino butt

This one might be mooning us but we still like the rhinos
Baboon buttBaboon butt
Baboon butt

Baboon butts must be the ugliest butts in the world
Hippo buttHippo butt
Hippo butt

This hippo has the good sense of making sure that the sun doesn't shine on the butt. We all now that it is there even though we can hardly see it
Cow buttCow butt
Cow butt

OK, not a wild animal but still a butt in Africa
Galago buttGalago butt
Galago butt

There is a butt there too, though hidden by the tail

22nd March 2015

Too funny
Love the fact that every single animal showed you their backside. Priceless. Indeed photographing animals can be challenging and we appreciate your efforts.
24th March 2015

Doesn't but have one "t"?
Not in this blog! Congratulations you got your Butt blog in before someone else thought of it. Nothing like leading the way...even if it's from the rear!!!
6th March 2019

the butts
Hahaha, I found your blog - think we could ad some nice butts to your list as well. Great one.
7th March 2019

Glad you liked it
I am glad to hear that you liked it. I wish I could say that I came up with the idea but the inspiration came from an American woman we met on the safari. /Ake

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