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January 12th 2011
Published: January 12th 2011
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A Replica anyway, I am sitting on the deck of the African Queen on Lake Victoria in the Hotel that I am staying in, My Hotel Room happens to be on this boat on the lake - how cool is this! Mike and Suitbert are in the back of the hotel somewhere 😊

It was rainy when we arrived but it has now heated up - not as hot as Dar but warm enough - like a summers day in the UK - lush...

I like Mwanza so far, its greener, we drove past lots of tin and concrete homes that would appear to be but are unlikely to be sponsored by Pepsi and Samsung all of these people seem to grow their own vegetables on their front gardens and everyone seems very happy. It is a Bank Holiday here which has been great as it has given us time to prepare for the training tommorow. I will be running the Risk Management Training!

My only concern about being so close to the lake (or on the lake) is the mossies - if you dont hear from me tommorow assume I got eaten alive! or as Mike said - That my boat floated off to Uganda!

Top Tip - if you open a mars bar eat the whole thing! by leaving half of it you risk a million ants entering your room - hmmm its even worse when you only just notice after you have bitten into it - yuk

Due to poor internet connection in Mwanza there will be no photos till Monday - by then there will be millions 😊

till 2moro if I can get connected



12th January 2011

Hi Lisa Sounds like you are having a brilliant time, doz not seem like work to me. Take care lol mum x

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