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November 5th 2012
Published: November 5th 2012
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Our Big BusOur Big BusOur Big Bus

HUGE! at Nairobi Airport
Got to the heavily guarded Heron Hotel by 8am. Armed guards with mirror thingy on pole. Happily Charlie's taxi didn't have anything ticking stuck to its underside.

A massive truck converted for safariing awaited, with 20 or so Rangers in various later stages of retirement and jetlag. Croatian, Canadian, South African, English. And about ten from some place called The You Ess!? Lots of Aussies too. A potentially noisy bunch with the rowdiness knocked out of them for now.

Border crossing at Namanga, the Tijuana of Tanzania. Kept it simple, just filled out visa and departure/entry cards in triplicate, twice. nO Photos on pain of finger waggle. Only cash and a complimentary laugh at your western style name.

Lots to see from the truck as we spent a good 800 hours on it! 200 of them before a lunch and a toilet break. Ben skipped the toilet stop, lucky for him...

really, it was a comfy trip and even better when we got some food, and it was yummy.

Sure were some sights from the bus, and lovely wavey children with huge smiles and cheers when they got a wave back from us.

We rolled into our 'Government funded' hotel way off the track and hidden, or shall we say hidding, from Arusha and Africa. The conference is here and they are all very welcoming and helpful. When we arrived to check in there were 200+ Rangers coming in and 1 print out of our names, not in any order, that we had to go through to check our name and give back to the helpful staff. They young woman at reception were fighting over the one print out and trying to pull it out of each others hands, all while smiling at us and being oh so polite. Reminded me of Nicole and I (my sister) when we were teenagers.

Up and down the 3 flights of stairs - walking, no elevators - in the humid heat, 3 or was it 4 times and we were into our room. ah! It is a great place.

more to come.....

Many Rangers and yet to get out to the sights.. soon.

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