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January 9th 2011
Published: January 9th 2011
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Wow - Terminal 5 is amazing, I was very impressed with it and for those of you watching Little Britains Come Fly with me I swear I saw Taaj on the tarmac!

The Flight was reasonable, seemed to go fast, I watched Toy Story 3 and had a beef dinner before getting my head down which is when 2 Cheryl Cole wannabe's decided to have a long conversation about shopping and shoes - the BBC has alot to answer for after sending Cheryl Cole to Kilamanjaro... any how moving on...

I have arrived safely .... We were collected by a nice chap that works for the company, his name is Suitbert (Sweet Bert), he made sure we were safely sent off with the driver and we will be meeting with him early tommorow morning. when we arrived at the hotel we got our bags to our rooms and had a tour of the hotel which is very nice http://www.moevenpick-hotels.com/en/pub/your_hotels/worldmap/dar_es_salaam/overview.cfm then it was back to our rooms and I slept for a few hours, had a shower and tried calling Joe and the family but they are obviously all still in bed so I thought I would tell you all I made it safe! no photos yet! I am off to get some lunch in a moment

Have a lovely day BTW its really hot here - so you get an idea of the heat - walk into a sauna... 😊

all the best



12th January 2011

Happy new year honey - glad to hear you arrived safe and sound - and all going well. Very jealous - I want your job! infact I want any job - looks like I am being made redundent again! Have a lovely trip - lets get together when you get back for a catch up and coffee - ohh..... by the way kathryn had a boy - Jacob - all doing well. A x

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