November 10 2008

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November 13th 2008
Published: November 13th 2008
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Monday November 10 2008

Well the day has been a wee bit slower. I slept fine until 5:15 AM when a rooster decided to announce the day’s arrival. He continued for quite some time!!! I slept on and off until 7:15. I got up got dressed and went for a walk. Since there is no running water I simply washed my face and headed out. Breakfast arrived at 8:00 AM, Elias arrived at 8:30 … I’m finding that time is not really an issue here. In fact I’m starting to believe that it doesn’t even really matter. How nice, our lives are governed by the clock, we cram so much into so little time, yet these folks worry about it another day if it doesn’t happen today.

Wednesday and Thursday are going to be planning days, I understand we will be meeting to discuss the future of SAN. I met Bill, he is the planner for SAN. Bill is from Red Deer and brings a number of years of city planning experience to SAN. The orphanage site is 11 kms from here, and apparently we will be spending the day there.

Well that was a day of rest and relaxation; I left the compound just long enough to get attacked by a bunch of school kids on their way home from school. Once I got to the main road all the kids were coming home from school, there had to be 100 kids and about 20 of them decided they wanted me to take their picture. They kept chasing me, I’d take their picture and then they’d run up to me to see it. It was quite the commotion. As I was walking EVERYONE was starring at me, it was rather intimidating. It’s all very safe but nonetheless uncomfortable so I just went a little ways and came back. Seeing a white person is quite a spectacle for these people, and as pasty white as I am I must have looked like a ghost to them.

When I got back I read for quite some time, then spent some time with Bill’ He showed me the report that he has prepared with respect to the development of the Salama project. The orphanage is not up and running yet, it is only on paper. The main focus right now is getting kids supported while working on the development of the Children’s Care Community. The long term goal is to develop a facility that will house over 1000 kids with teaching and medical facilities. It’s a huge undertaking that has lots of momentum but needs continued support and development.

Supper was much better tonight, I actually got a good belly full. There was chicken that I am obviously getting used to, with home made potato wedges (I guess that’s what you would call them), and cucumber and green peppers. And banana’s, yes there is an abundance of banana’s, Elias eats them with his first course.

Denise would tell me a “down day” is not a bad thing, so I will chock it up as a good day.


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