November 11 2008

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November 13th 2008
Published: November 13th 2008
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Tuesday Nov 11 2008

What a great day … this morning was a little slow, but by noon we were well on our way with some good stuff. David and his son Nathan arrived at around 11:OO AM we decided on how to get to all of the 67 kids within 3 days. Our goal was to get a letter from each child so that we can send the notes to the Sponsors.

Our first stop was to a family who were about as poor as you can imagine. The house that was 8 X 20 housed 6 kids and their mother. It was nothing more then a shanty … when we pulled up to the house kids came out of the wood work. They all wanted their picture taken. I put some of them together and got a great shot, and of course then they wanted to see the picture on the camera. We went in to the courtyard of the house and sat under a tree and got their letters written It was an exciting moment for them, the few minutes of attention paid to them by a “white man” was rewarding to feel and see.

We still have a lot more kids to see and of course I want to drop in to see Alafati once more, I hope that I can get a dress to his sister.


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