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November 9th 2008
Published: November 9th 2008
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Well In am really teting my typing skills now the key board I am using has most of the letters rubbed off ... and I only hahve a few minites

The trip has been great from a tourist perspective .. I got off the plane in Dar Es Salaam and wast taken to a centre to get some rest for my 4:00 AM trip to Tabora. Tabora is 1200 kms away and on these roads thats a 16 hour trip!
The roads were a mess, some were OK but most were nothing more then goat paths.

I had a nice piece written but have to use their computors, can't connect mine. I will use a memory stick tommorrow

This country is amazing, the houses amd villages are something to see. Mud huts with grass roofs, fences made with sticks and grass.
Woman carrying big 5 gallon jugs of water
Kids on bikes carrying 2 or 3 5 gal jugs
Dresses are incredibly beautiful ... so mvibrant and thats regardless of income level

I'm having eating issues, the food is not that appealing, I have to get a stronger constituion for this. Chicken all but one meal so far ... so yu say thats good until I tell you I think I saw the guy running around the yard just before I ate him. Its tough and has a funny smell.
No coffee since I left home, I tried yesterday, but the coffee is a a powdered version of instant. When I dumped it in it fizzes all over the table. Couldn"t use cream, since its not Pasturiezed ... so guess what no milk in 3 days!!

I did meet our Child ... he is so cuteI got some great pcis.

Well it says I have to sign off now ... so more later!

Keep thye prasyers coming!!


10th November 2008

Good to hear you are ok!!
hey man, Sounds like you are having quite the adventure. 3 weeks with no coffee! ouch! make sure you get lots of good pictures. Should be able to use some of the skills that you learned while you were an indian to be able catch your food!!! when you get back we will have to go out for a good dinner somewhere! Keep up the good work! we are praying for you!! Love you, Phil and April.
10th November 2008

Hi from Forestview!! Glad to hear safe and sound! Sounds amazing!! So happy you met your child! Cant wait to see pics. I will have a Tims for you. =)

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