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Africa » Sudan » East » Kassala February 25th 2012

We had to get up at 6 a.m. to get the bus out to Kassala. Kassala is right beside the border with Eritrea and the bus took 8 hours to get there. It was pretty much desert the whole way until we got closer to Kassala, when we spotted lots of villages of huts made of mud and straw. The bus dropped us at a little souk about 5 minutes away by taxi from Kassala. We arrived and found the Riyad hotel, which we checked into. Walking around Kassala, we got a lot more stares than anywhere else and loads of people coming up to us to shout 'Khawaja' (foreigner). This wasn't done in a threatening way though and people were extremely friendly. Registering at the police station was another experience of comical Sudanese bureaucracy. We ... read more
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Africa » Sudan » East » Kassala March 14th 2009

5:45AM finds me at the Khartoum "land port", seeking out a bus company called Afras that I have been recommended. The price seems steep but I assume this is because it is better quality than anything I've taken so far. My permit for Kassala is supposed to be stamped by some official here, but they have clearly not yet come to work, and after a few discussions my permit remains unstamped but I am allowed onto the bus. It is immediately clear that this is not that great a vehicle, with legroom that means I can only sit with my legs out in the aisle. However the aircon is blasting away merrily and the two fleeces that I have brought on board as something to rest my head on end up being employed as insulation against ... read more
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Khatmiyah mosque

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