The first day with the crew and it's Christmas Eve.

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January 11th 2014
Published: January 11th 2014
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On Christmas Eve we went and did our last Christmas shopping. Chris took us to the flea market. It's a big place, at the very least it takes up two blocks. We were there for a really long time. I was getting bored and wanted to go home but Dad and Arlene were still wanting to shop so I followed them around. There was some pretty cool stuff like nunchucks and Tasers! Katanas and throwing stars! There were a few electronics stores, the prices are a lot less then in Canada. I got new sun glasses that clip on to my glasses! It's really nice because if you have it clipped on you can't lose it! It also flips up when you want to read or look at a picture in colour. Dad needed some things for his camera so we went to a camera store. We asked the person running the shop but he said they had none. They then suggested to go to an Apple store, camera and other electronics. I played on the iPads then we went to some other shops. But in the end we could not find what we were looking for. John then drove us to the hotel where our safari started.

For supper we went to the Carnivore Restaurant. We had a whole lot of different types meat like Crocodile, Zebra and Kudu. We got to meet every one on the safari and get to know them. My favourite meat was Crocodile it tasted like chicken except the fatty part was different from the rest of the meat! I liked it so much I wanted to eat more later on the trip!


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