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May 14th 2019
Published: June 15th 2019
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I have to admit, this blog is a little overdue. Back in April 2018, we took the road all the way from home to Cape Town, we drove over 2000km in less than three weeks. What a trip it was. So here is the 2019 version, that we did the first two weeks of May this year. Cape Town hasn't move, so it's still a solid distance from home...and once again, we took our time!

The camera was far away from being out every day. So these are pictures "from left and right". The only thing we can say, is that we love our South Africa.

I play 15 rounds of golf on the way. Few new ones for me, I name Olivehood, Fish River, Kingswood as well as Outeniqua. Than in CT, came Westlake, Clovelly, Atlantic Beach too. So far, on the current top 100 list ranking of golf courses in South Africa...from home to Cape Town, I only miss Stellenbosch...and Mobray, this is scheduled for our next trip. This Monday, I'm actually playing Cotswold, my 55th course on the current top 100! Happy me!

So there is golf but also cool places where we stay on this trip! First stop was a backpacker few miles short of East idea they did such gorgeous places for backpackers...what a view, what a place! Than we stay at Fish River resort...used to be managed by Sun hotels...than came a local claim on the property...the new internal politics of South closed...hundreds lost their jobs...opposite effect of trying just to take the business from past "re-opened"...for now....but they had only 4 rooms occupied that night! Trust me...if South Africa want a future, they have only two ways....clean their act....or try to bring more tourists from Nigeria or Kenya....not sure this is happening tomorrow either!

As you can guess, we also stop on our way to Addo National Park....such an amazing place! And for once, we spotted the lions. They have only 8 of them, so this is more than a serious treat! We may have stay in another backpacker place next to Addo...but found out a new place next door...and these guys have the best french fries I have ever eaten in South Africa! Belgian way french fries....just superb...we had a second serving!

More golf and also more fun for food while reaching George and the Fat this place! Stay around in Protea Hotels and got some solid upgrades all over the place. In Mossel Bay, I found out the new "Gin school" by Inveroche. That experience is on the book for next time. We what we did, is we stopped in Still Bay for an hour of private visit with Paul. They have not only Gin, but today the best and only premium Rum that South Africa offer. some not on sale anywhere, some on sales in so few places we can't name them...but look at the picture...we've got the stock and we will be back!

After a superb night at the Arabella in Hermanus, it was up to the wine country. Yes, I start to know my stuff around here too. Little extended stop by Marianne and Vergelegen. Crazy lovely lunch in Vergelegen...and another day lunch for the steaks of Verst en Verde...yes there is not only golf! Last wine stop was at Steenberg...our testing only included 12 different labels...we spoke about food, we laugh...and I learnt a lot!

Yes there are few pictures of diving. Some of them from home if you are not on my fb! The seals...well, let say I went for the blue and mako sharks...the sky was blue, the ocean was flat...the conditions were just amazing...but the sharks never showed we ended up with the seals! Still fun!

For now, after some great time in's home...but don't worry, the airport is not that far away....just way too many things to do here first over the coming 5 weeks!

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16th June 2019
Addo National Park!

Cracker pic Pierre. There are elephants and there are elephants. These jam packed in convoy. Beautiful.
18th June 2019

A great trip
Looks like you are seeing wonderful things. I was beginning to think you had stop blogging.
18th June 2019

Still blogging...
Hi, yes, we are living in a wonderful place! And no, I haven't stop to blog. But the last few months, it has been more at home to dive, play golf, great food and amazing some trips to Congo where my camera is not of much use! But in few weeks...another big trip ahead of us followed by new adventures!

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