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April 22nd 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

My main concern was whether to eat before or after Chapman’s Peak as I have a very demanding belly but as we couldn’t find the place I’d earmarked to grant with our presence, I had to delay gratification. Spotting toll signs we guessed we were approaching Chapman’s Peak, billed as a thrilling coastal drive and I made like Grace Kelly in that film with Cary Grant when they’re racing around the hills somewhere - or was it Audrey Hepburn? Anyway, the other one’s Cary Grant impression, worse than Tony Curtis’ in Some Like It Hot and our crude approximation of an open topped car, having the windows wound down resulting in my hair whipping me about the face (missing as I was the key accessory for dangerous cliff drives, the chic headscarf) meant the fantasy ended pretty much as soon as it started. But it brings to mind one of life’s little puzzlers:

Why is it Grace or Audrey look fantastic in headscarves yet mere mortals look more like fisherwomen slapped in the face by one too many fish? Hmm?

Sorry, back to the thrilling drive.

A little underwhelming at first, but that’s maybe because the drive on the Sans Souci road to Port Glaud on Mahe, without the safety barriers and precautions that Chapman’s Peak has, is more ‘thrilling’! However, the majestic drama of the hills, crashing surf and views down to beaches nestling neighbouring towns are quite incredible and the viewpoints thoughtfully provided remind you of the feat of carving out such a road. We stopped, took some pics and motored on to lunch. I was hungry dammit.


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