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January 25th 2014
Published: February 11th 2014
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My first Afrikaans wedding!

Arrived at the house we'd rented with some of the wedding party on the Friday night, and we from the moment we arrived we always had a beer in our hands!

We went round to the brides families rented house and braaid. Lamb, wors and too much food and drink.

The wedding wasn't till 4 on the Saturday, so the in the morning we went to the beach for a quick swim, we'll until I saw a stingray in the shallows.

We had arranged for a massive mexican breakfast for 9am. So we headed back off the beach to start cooking it, armed with beer and fizzy, my favourite, we cooked and chatted.

When we finally had to get ready to head off to the wedding we all got suited and booted and went for a quick beer before the church.

The bride finally arrived at 4:40!!!!! The ceremony I believe was a longer than normal service, but of course it was all in Afrikaans!

The brides Omar sang a lovely song, in Afrikaans and then we threw rose petals over the Newley weds as they left, there was no standing as she entered or as they left the church! I stood up up as she walked down the isle and was quickly pulled back into my seat!

Armed with a red bull we headed to the reception, free beer and snacks greater us. 2 hours later the happy couple finally arrived! Never in my life have I waited so long!

Dinner was ok, except the starter came around 8, then another 2 hours before the main!

In between there was some sort of speech! But it was in afrikaans! The groom stood up to toast his bride but, a tradition, he stood on a chair in front of the top table and all the men sat in front of hI'm armed with shaving foam and water pistols! The poor guy couldn't say a word without getting a mouth of foam. Wasn't pleasant and the father of the bride and the bride herself seemed to miss the funny side! Stupid tradition!

Then I really had fun! No more Afrikaans unless I tried my hand at it!

Every one then dances, it's called sookying(spelling). It's like formal ballroom dancing but faster! So much fun. I think I asked ever poor man in the room to dance. Boy they are good. Me on the other hand! I had sore feet and a very nasty split big toe nail and blood on my foot!

I think I was the entertainment for the night!

at midmight the wedding stopped and re co veined at ours! I Went to bed as we had a 4 hour drive back to Stellenbosch the next am!

They were still drinking and dancing When I got up at 9 the next day!

Hard core


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