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March 23rd 2014
Published: March 24th 2014
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We finally found time to hike in the Helderberg park, with great trails for hiking enthusiasts. Throughout the trails there were some magnificent plants and flowers, Proteas etc. There are a number of different trails from easy to extreme( for experienced climbers/hikers only) and since we started in the afternoon, we were only able to do the 2 hour trail.

We experienced a great wine tasting at Waterkloof which is a beautiful winery overlooking Gordon's Bay. Jane and Jim invited us and we hope to return there to try out their menu. Also had lunch at Longbridge which was good but not quite as "goumetish" as Jordon Winery that we visited last week. On the way home, stopped by Morgenster for an Olive oil tasting which was quite interesting. For those of us who are ignorant in these matters, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is processed at low heat of 24 degrees C, pressed only once and provides the best health benefits, i.e Anti-oxidants etc. It should only be used for salads and dipping etc. The Virgin olive oil is processed at higher heat from the left over ingredients of processing Extra Virgin Olive Oil and should be used for cooking etc. Now you know. Although subsequently, we were in a Olive Oil store that recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil be used for frying foods!!! You decide!!!

Debra continues to pamper herself. She was out to lunch with a group of girls again and had an appointment with Jane's hairdresser. The full meal deal at the Hairdresser cost about 1/2 of the amount in Canada for the same cut and colour. More golf lessons and practice this week. I even took a few pointers which will likely lower my handicap (assuming I can combine the instruction with some form of brain surgery)

We spent part of a day in Franschoek which is about 1 hours drive from Gordon's Bay. We were there in 2010. The town is one of the oldest in South Africa and was settled by the French Huguenots, who were given the land by the Dutch. (Franschoek means French Quarter in Dutch). In the centre of town, there is a beautiful garden surrounding a large Huguenot monument and museum. The town itself is a little bit like Niagara on the Lake with lots of restaurants and shops.

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24th March 2014

I read somewhere that if you play golf in one hemisphere you should not practice or take lessons in the other. Something about negative gravity, spin, and the dark matter. Your slice becomes a hook and vice versus and then you become completely screwed up. Practice putting is ok however. Better for you too. Glad that you are enjoying yourselves and I hope you left your food scales behind. I've heard the olive oil argument before. The answer to all edible oil questions is canola from exotic Saskatchewan. This winter is one for the record books here. I just looked at our power bill covering Feb 12 to March 14. It has a graph of current year versus prior usage. Last year the line took a nosedive in late February. This year's is flat lined on high. On Wednesday the forecast is for big nor'easter expected to deliver 40 to 50 cm. It will go well with the 150 cm in our back yard now. But I hear that the daffodils are up in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Paula is spending the week in Long-boat Key, FL. A neighbour of ours has a place there and the man of the house is in Colorado skiing so PLK was invited down. So, having nothing to do, I might as well bore you.
25th March 2014

Hi Mike
Based on your theory of golf lessons, it's obvious to me that my game would be superb if I played on the Equator, assuming the same principle that Daryl applies on his story of way a pigs tail curls in both hemispheres.
24th March 2014

Sounds like you guys are really really enjoying this trip and so glad to hear Debra is pampering herself-way to go girl and keep it up!

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