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8th September 2019

Your blog
Wonderful to read about your last days in Scotland. You really should be a travel writer, you put Rick Steves to shame. Safe travels 🙋‍♀️
5th September 2019

The other Canadian connection. As well as the home of The Macallan distillery in Scotland, there is a Craigellachie in British Columbia, famous as the site of the Last Spike linking the two ends of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
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5th September 2019

The last CP Rail Spike
Hi Harry: Yes, in fact the last spike was actually a replacement as it was bent in the first attempt!!
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27th August 2019

Looks very interesting so far. On your tour have you included where they shot the movie "Outliners" It is a classic. I have watched 3 seasons and more to go. Also famous battle site between Scots and England in the 1700's. Can't remember the name. Enjoy! Daryl
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27th August 2019

Hi Daryl; Yes, trip is going well. We head out of Edinburgh tomorrow and will be visiting some of the sites shown in the Outlanders, although some of the series was filmed in New Zealand as well. The battle you refer to is Culloden and that is on our agenda. It was primarily between Jacobites (those Scots who wanted the Catholic King James to be re-instated to the Throne) and the British. Hope all is well at home. More blogs to come.
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16th February 2019
Tree top walk in Tamborine Mountain

Sand castles
Wow! Those sand castle sculptures are amazing! Enjoy your adventures!
From Blog: Australia 2019
9th June 2018

Very informative and enjoyable reading as always. I am eager to hear about your meeting your " crazy" friends in Avignon 😊 PS I am still receiving your blog through Alan Hugs to you both
From Blog: France 2018
10th June 2018

Hi Linda
We arrived in Paris on Saturday and upon walking to our Airport Hotel at 1:00 pm the AC flight taxied by and we waved to you. Were you on the plan? Hope you travels home are uneventful. It was good to see you and Alan again and spend more time together. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to add your e-mail address to the blog but will do so on the next publication.
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13th May 2018

Deb and Dana, hope you enjoy your trip to France, one of our favourite places and stay safe. We were there last September spending nine days at an apartment on the Med. in Menton. A lovely town just east of Monaco on border with Italy. Easy to travel along the Med by train and very reasonable. Enjoy!
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12th February 2018
Dana's new environmentally friendly car. Sadly not a Lexus

Hi Dana and Debbie. Love reading your travel blogs!! Does bring back lots of memories of our our trip to S.A. We are heading to Hawaii in a few days for two weeks. The weather here has been so cold, we desperately need to escape. Getting excited for FRANCE, and being together with the gang. Have a good holiday and see you soon. Diane and Ken
16th January 2018

Thank you!
Hello Dana and Debra, Glad you arrived safely and good to hear that you have already attended a party. All our activities sound wonderful and the weather in particular as we are having another storm today and it is very cold. I would have a real problem with the water shortage as I have to use the bathroom more frequently than the normal person!! We had a nice time on our cruise and missed a week of extremely cold weather. The real estate business is very slow right now due to frigid weather and all the mortgage changes. It is going to be a slow start this year but may get very busy in the later part of spring. Have a wonderful vacation and keep in touch as always. Doris
30th October 2017

Amazing Blog
Amazing to here you will be returning in your incredible blog post,a place i will definitely recommend that you visit check out Address: Matjiesrivier District, Oudtshoorn, 6620, Western Cape, South Africa
4th April 2017

I had not heard of this Cyclone and of course I am happy it did not damage your immediate area. I enjoy your blog so much and feel I am there with you two 😘😘
From Blog: Australia 2017
4th April 2017

I had not heard of this Cyclone and of course I am happy it did not damage your immediate area. I enjoy your blog so much and feel I am there with you two 😘😘
From Blog: Australia 2017
29th March 2017

Love reading your blogs; thank you for sending and keeping us informed 😘
From Blog: Australia 2017
21st March 2017

Your trip
Those Cicadas need to get a room! :). I received a message from Pat O'Keefe yesterday and he is enjoying his trip as well.
From Blog: Australia 2017
13th March 2017

I am envious....
I so enjoy reading about your adventures! With your descriptions, I almost feel I am there with you. Keep them coming please. Love & Hugs, Linda
From Blog: Australia 2017
13th March 2017

Good to hear from you. Looks like you are still enjoying yourself. Dana you look good and happy waiting for breakfast.(Hat looks good) Hard to believe 2 months has passed. Weather here continues to be cold. Big storm coming Wednesday. I believe they said 25 cms in Niagara. You are not missing very much. Angela is starting to pack for Florida. We leave April 1. Nobody passed away this week yet. Went to Wylie's funeral in Chipman on Wednesday. Bud is holding his own. I believe a lot of his problems is anxiety which is impacting his breathing and heart rate. Wylie left him half of his estate which I estimated at $800,000 in total. Didn't seem to cheer him up. He could be grieving, but no outward signs. Talked with Jonathan since I returned. That's all for now. On my way to get gas for my snow blower. Life is cool is the Maritimes. Daryl
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3rd October 2016

Wow !
Great blog Dana and wonderful to hear about your maritime travels - though sorry about the wrist Debra. We are still hoping to visit you in Canada next year, and the chance to see maybe just a couple of such wonderful places in New Brunswick. It all looks and sounds amazing - and the lobster .... ! We are off on our travels to Oz and NZ in a couple of weeks - not sure if we're clever enough to do a blog, but will take lots of pictures and will let you know all about it when we get back.
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7th June 2016

Birthday Gift
Well done Deborah. Can't seem to detect what painting is. Sure beats a used golf shirt. Daryl
7th June 2016
Artist Laurent Lafleur with painting

The pleasure to meet nice people
Next year, it will be my 40th anniversary as a professional artist. I had the chance to sold thousand of paintings and meet many thousands visitors. Mostly of them are nice, some are not. But Debra and Dana are the one you'd like to see every day like the sunshine. Througt them you see love. They are a gift for an artist. Thank you to visit my atelier. Your friend. Laurent Thank you to pass througt my atelier.
7th June 2016

Hoopla and hookah
Wow! What a fabulous trip. Can't wait to see your new painting!
22nd March 2016

Safe travels
Hi, Debra & Dana: Your last blog is like the Final Season of a favourite TV program. I hate to see it end. I'll miss reading about your explorations. We look forward to seeing you the next time our Lorne Park group get together. Enjoy your time in Florida. Dody & Louis
8th March 2016

Thanks for the update
Love reading your blogs and hearing about your adventures. Enjoy your next three weeks. See you again in NOTL.
29th February 2016

Hey Travelers
It sounds as though you are making a significant dent in the South African wine supply…well done! I love hearing about your locale. All is we'll in NOTL…crazy temperature swings from -10 to +15 this week. Enjoy your weeks ahead with more time on the golf courses! Cheers!

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