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August 24th 2012
Published: August 25th 2012
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So, I have only been on a few international trips, and each time I am certain that I can beat jetlag. I literally convince myself that it’s a mind over matter thing – If I believe that I won’t get jetlag, I will make it so. So far, no such luck. On my second night, I was wide-wide-wide awake at about 2:30 am. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep until about 5:30. Because of this, I had a lazy morning. We didn’t get going until about 11 or 11:30, when Yi Jiun and Roy picked me up. I decided that I would stay the next few nights with them in their apartment in Circa Hotel. We will be leaving on Sunday for a 7-day tour of the Cape, so that means 2 nights with in the hotel.

Our day began with a brief trip to the waterfront area. We did a little shopping in a large center for art and crafts. I could have spent much more time here, so I will definitely have to go back. But, I did make a very special purchase. In the months leading up to my trip, I often told people of my plans to go to South Africa to work with penguins. Almost every single person responded with the following: “There are penguins in Africa??” It got to be a bit of a joke in my world. (For example, Ben and Alex very generously gave me a number of gifts before I left. They bought a gift bag that had many African animals on it. But, of course, no penguins were included. So, they bought penguin stickers to right the wrong.) There was an artist that paints silhouettes of African animals against a large African sun. He paints lions, monkeys, rhinos, elephants, but of course no penguins. So, I made a special request, and he did an amazing job!

After lunch on the water, we took a spectacular drive along the garden route. I forgot to mention that we watched the sunset yesterday at Signal Hill (see picture), plus we had driven through wine country, so I definitely had a taste of the unbelievable scenery. But, the garden drive blew me away. We made it all the way to the Cape of Good Hope, where we saw a number of animals including baboons! I was like a little kid about the baboons, taking a million pictures and several videos. It was awesome. This was the highlight of the day for me, for sure.

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25th August 2012

penguin painting
That penguin print is amazing, and will make you laugh for years to come! Love it! Perfect souvenir! Look forward to reading more posts, have a great time Sarah! xoxo

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