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March 31st 2013
Published: March 31st 2013
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Despite lack of photographic proof, we're here safe and sound. long flights and overpriced airport coffee have left us feeling jetlagged. Copenhagen 7-11 served only fair trade organic coffee - cool beans in our books! That actually led us to a questioning conversation last night - what is fair trade? who does the certification? how do the standards vary by region?

It's the long weekend, so our first choice of hostel (a community service organization with a soup kitchen downstairs and several local outreach programs) was booked (good for them!), which means we ended up at a party town hostel with a DJ and a bbq lady selling hotdogs on the roof right above our room. People here seems rather nice though, and we're staying in the heart of the city for less than $25 dollars each, so it's hard to complain.

With lots of anticipation getting here, and not sure what to expect, Cape Town is BEAUTIFUL and absolutely lovely with a very safe vibe everywhere we have gone. Less chaotic than Bangkok, fewer guns than Lima (quite the opposite - no guns even at the airport), and nicer scenery than Toronto. All in all, we're feeling quite civilized and enjoyed a delicious veggie burger for linner yesterday (lunch + dinner = linner).

In other news, I'm a mediocre fan of The Who at the best of times, but this morning my ipod stumbled onto their song 'Love, Reign O'er Me', which was a perfect follow up to the Jane Goodall talk I had just finished. She speaks so honestly and simply of repairing the disconnect we all suffer from between our brain and our heart. I picture Jane G. replacing Roger Daltry on stage, with Pete T. wearing a Roots and Shoots T-shirt as he rocks out next to her. Good song and good messages - we're all in this world to do some good. some real good.

Steve's up and I'm starving - ciao for now!


31st March 2013

Way to go!!!!
Way to go African Adventurers!!!! Jack misses you!
31st March 2013

Glad to hear you're off on the right foot. Love, Reign O'er Me. Sounds a lot like an Easter prayer to me; missed you this morning!
31st March 2013

So far so good :)
Glad to hear you endured the flight without any incident you thought was worth mentioning :) The hostel sounds like an interesting place to stay, perhaps not the most polished but hopefully the source of some good stories! Keep us posted. I hear linner is bred for its magical abilities.
1st April 2013

Thanks for the update. I am glad things are going well so far. You were mentioned several times at our gathering this morning...you are missed but happy you have this wonderful opportunity to experience so many different cultures. Yaay!!! peace Dan
3rd April 2013

So glad everything is well with you and that you are enjoying Cape Town
6th April 2013

Enjoying hearing from you...
We missed you where the two rivers meet on Easter Sunday! But not sure we could have fit two more into my tiny living room!! Glad to hear you made it safely, and look forward to hearing more news as the days and weeks pass. Blessings on you both ~S

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