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April 6th 2013
Published: April 6th 2013
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At the WaterfrontAt the WaterfrontAt the Waterfront

ha! how could we not stop here to get some yummy fresh cut fries :)
Apologies for not posting pics sooner, we don't always pick up wifi in our room and most evenings we've passed out before rallying ourselves to hunt down more consistent wireless (we've also been listening to Nelson Mandela's autobiography, A Long Walk to Freedom at night). We also seem to be thwarted whenever we make plans to work on the blog. The first night, our local metro train back from Simon's Town broke down (and we eventually proceeded to break out of the train with about 70 other local commuters to catch another train), and the second night we ended up having to track down Visa so they would give us our card access back. I don't know about you, but i'd rather hop a train than be put on hold for eternity :P As many of you can imagine, we have had an unbelievable week (but thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day!). We have lots of pictures, and most of the trip details will be through them, so please have a peek through.

The only pictures missing are from Robben Island, which are on Steve's camera, and therefore not within arms reach of me at the moment, so I
Steve at the WaterfrontSteve at the WaterfrontSteve at the Waterfront

waiting for a cup of coffee...important way to start the day.
will post them later. Being on Robben Island was truly overwhelming. There was a sense of simultaneous grief of the brutal oppression that was very real in South Africa until very recently (ie. Mandela's election in 1994 started the slow process of change), and the inspirational success of the righteous struggle for freedom that persisted through it all. Almost 50 years of apartheid with its racist oppression and segregation, 27 years as political prisoners, and Mandela et al. not only succeeded in bringing socialized democracy to South Africa, but have forgiven and integrated both oppressors and victims through the process of restorative justice. Although overwhelming, it is liberating as well, sort of like shedding the cloaks of complacency and bitterness. I implore everyone to become educated and involved in something, anything!, that you feel passionate about, and bring that passion to the world around you with compassion and integrity. I promise to do the same!

On our logistical horizon, we are in cape town for another few days, then start our journey by train and car to Kruger National Park. Lions and tigers and ..... well, actually only lions and other African animals will be there. Roar!

Additional photos below
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i don't think it can be said better than this.i don't think it can be said better than this.
i don't think it can be said better than this.

Kathrada was a political leader with Mandela, and was also charged in the Rivonia trials. He spent 18 years as a political prisoner on Robben Island with Mandela and a small group of other leaders.
Nobel SquareNobel Square
Nobel Square

A dedication to South Africa's 4 Nobel Peace Prize Winners. That's a lot of peace!
Scenery on the way to Cape Point Scenery on the way to Cape Point
Scenery on the way to Cape Point

i could get used to this...
Cape PointCape Point
Cape Point

The southernmost point of the Cape Peninsula - where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Makes me think of Minas Tirith. We hiked down there.....(next pic)
At Cape PointAt Cape Point
At Cape Point

Steve took his "special" friend out for the day.

...this small mammal, a hyrax, is closely related to the elephant and the manatee. How strange! I think she looks more like my parent's dog Lucy.
Ostrich's by the oceanOstrich's by the ocean
Ostrich's by the ocean

this is a strange place indeed.
Steve by the oceanSteve by the ocean
Steve by the ocean

....yes, this is definitely a strange place....
They even have penguinsThey even have penguins
They even have penguins

catching some waves in the local pool (ie. ocean).
Posing for the cameraPosing for the camera
Posing for the camera

these little guys and gals are endangered, and it's their nesting time. We sent them fertile thoughts as we strolled along the boardwalk.
back in Cape Townback in Cape Town
back in Cape Town

we spent the day at the slave lodge, a building that used to hold slaves. It was redone and used as a courthouse for a century, and recently turned into a museum. Excavations are starting to find evidence of it's dark past - possessions, cookware and bones from peoples captured and enslaved from India, Malaysia, West Africa and elsewhere. These memorials out front list the names retrieved from any remaining documents of slaves that were imprisoned here.
Hiking Table MountainHiking Table Mountain
Hiking Table Mountain

It was a very early and very foggy morning, but we finally got high enough to escape the fog
Hiking Table MountainHiking Table Mountain
Hiking Table Mountain

Steve and our guide Andreas sharing a laugh at snack time.
Hiking Table MountainHiking Table Mountain
Hiking Table Mountain

as you might imagine, table mountain is very flat at the top. It was too foggy and overcast to get much of a view, but we were rewarded with just a hint of a rainbow :)
Hiking Table MountainHiking Table Mountain
Hiking Table Mountain

at the highest point
Hiking Table MountainHiking Table Mountain
Hiking Table Mountain

after coming down from the highest point, our guide took us to the cable car pick up with this fun model of the mountain. it would have been a lot faster to catch a lift than walking up all that way! we did catch a lift down though :)

6th April 2013

Great Pics
Thanks for the update. Inspring commentary and pictures. Liked the one of Nobel Square and never heard of a Hyrax before--sounds like a Dr Seuss character. Continued enjoyment and safety. Peace and love Dan
6th April 2013
Nobel Square

They are...
Mandela, Tutu, de Klerk and...?
6th April 2013
Nobel Square

Albert Luthuli
6th April 2013

Missing you!
Hey -- Missing you guys! it looks amazing. From the ridiculous to the sublime, you're covering it all. Much peace, enjoyment and love to you both.... Sharon
8th April 2013

Hiking guide
Hi Steve & Liz! I found your blog! ;) Hope you had a great time in Cape Town and wishing you great adventures on your travels ahead! Please let me know how Killi went. Yours in service, Hendre de Villiers (your Hike Table Mountain Guide)
9th April 2013

Love that you found our blog!! We loved our hike with you and want to keep in touch, so please follow our blog :) Maybe you can come to Canada and we can go climbing!
15th April 2013

Love the pics!
And love the commentary too -- Yes, you never know what you'll find by the ocean :o) Looking forward to reading more as your adventures continue. Stay safe!
18th April 2013

sounds amazing, I am so jealous, keep posting pictures! travel safe, miss you both

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