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June 30th 2010
Published: June 30th 2010
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The end is nearing and it definitely feels like it. Being the last few days of my vacation I’ve begun partying harder in the nights (if that is possible) but taking more relaxing days. Surprisingly, I woke up today at 10:30, only 4.5 hours after sleeping after a much intense night of partying. I grubbed on some yogurt and oats and then 12 of us headed down to play a little 6 v. 6 soccer. Everyone was stoked to play some soccer and we had a good intense game of 6 v 6 on little goals for about 90minutes. After sweating off the nights beers, some of us got smoothies, while I went and picked up some souvenirs for home. Then most of the guys went back home while Danny and I moved to the beach and played some soccer on the beach and then after took a quick swim in the ocean. The rest of the day was laid back with cards, barbeques, and just chilling around the beach and house. I definitely want to make sure that I come back home at least somewhat rested, rather than completely partied out and tired.


30th June 2010

it's not a good vacation unless you come back more tired than you started.
1st July 2010

mostly true. Although i haven't spent much days at the beach here just lazing around its been party party party. So a couple days of relaxation and rest are awesome
1st July 2010

Awwhh enjoy the rest of the days D ! You need it . I am so happy that you made the most of it !

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