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June 29th 2010
Published: June 30th 2010
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Today I woke up and it was raining outside. Not just raining but torrential downpours. So we stayed at home for most of the day playing bananagrams and other games before the first game. We watched the first game at home and then took a cab to the stadium for the Portugal vs. Spain game. I was extremely disappointed by the way that the Portuguese played, but was very impressed with David Villa’s playing. I had category 1 tickets at the middle level, but since I was sitting alone second half I moved to the bottom level to right where David Villa slid to celebrate his goal. I might have been on TV again since there was a camera pointing at us and the cameraman was telling us to celebrate, which of course I did quite wildly holding up my Portugal scarf. I definitely enjoyed my last in stadium world cup game of 2010. I went in early to take some awesome pictures from the top, and stayed late to soak in all of what I could before leaving. I was really happy that my last game was Portugal/Spain as I got to see some awesome players: David Villa, Fernando Torres, Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Simao, Ronaldo and others. Christiano Ronaldo really pisses me off with his play and I definitely do not like the way he or the Portuguese played. They played with no heart and I could pick out holes in their defense easily. In fact I saw goal scoring pass to David Villa about 20 seconds before any Portuguese player even attempted to move into a proper position. After the game we headed to Long Street (the party street) and hit up a few bars and got some food and did a little partying. Then we headed back home and played some beer hockey till 6am before decided that we should get some rest so we could play soccer the next day.

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30th June 2010

go spain!!
1st July 2010

You suck! i wanted portugal to win. Although spain did deserve to win that game. David Villa is a amazing. So now I suppose i'm rooting for spain

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