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June 16th 2010
Published: June 18th 2010
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Today I woke up around noon. After eating some homemade muffins 2 of the girls decided to go on a hike to the top of Table Mountain while most of the guys were going to head to the grocery store to get some meats to bbq in the evening. I decided to go with the girls on the hike, thinking it would be a relatively easy hike. I was definitely sadly mistaken. The sign at the beginning of the hike said it was a 2.5 hr hike, we ended finishing the hike in 1.5 hrs. Parts of the hike reminded me of the hike to half dome, very vertical and a lot of stair-like climbing the whole way. The sights of Camps Bay from the hike were pretty amazing and I got some awesome panoramic pictures that I wish I could load it up here for you all to see, but I’m sure I’ll post them on my facebook at some future point.

Seeing as it rained the previous night we crossed several streams and at some points it even appeared that we were walking up streams. Wearing my running shoes it took quite a bit of awareness to ensure that I didn’t step in the running water and/or a large puddle of water that would undoubtedly soak my socks. In fact at one point I had to throw a large rock in the stream we were crossing to be able to make it across without directly stepping in the water. As we neared the top we continued to climb upwards in a gorge as water streamed down the sides of the rocks giving the allusion of rain. When we reached the top I was greeted by a pounding head, undoubtedly from all the drinking from the night before and we were also greeted by some rolling fog which blurred the views from the top, so unfortunately we were not able to get any really great pictures from the top of the scenery. It was kind of an odd feeling seeing so many people at the top after a strenuous 1.5hr hike uphill since there were sky cars that could take you to the top. We ended up taking the sky cab down and headed back to the house to watch the games.

We headed into town for the evening to watch the S. Africa vs. Uruguay game. We headed to the waterfront where they had a giant screen TV set up in an amphitheatre with hundreds of fans packed around excited for the upcoming match. We couldn’t get a spot outside near the screen since we headed out late to the game because we were waiting for Adam and Liz to get back from their day adventures.

They ended up getting back a lot later than they expected and we were about to try calling them as they just entered the house saying “We have the CRAZIEST story to tell you.” Apparently their car was broken into and Liz’s purse got stolen….while they were in the car… by a BABOON! They saw a baboon driving and stopped to take a picture, when the baboon saw them he came towards the car and then went to the back door, opened it and jumped in the car. Adam and Liz jumped out in fear, and the baboon decided to take Liz’s purse and rundown the hill eating their malaria pills, advil, gum, and ripping the living sheizza out of Liz’s purse, which had her passport in it. Adam apparently attempted to get it back but was warned by a baboon hiss. They ended up sitting in their car waiting for the baboon to finish and while waiting they encountered a second baboon that refused to get off the hood of their car even when they started the car. They eventually were able to get their stuff back with the help of a park ranger. We all definitely had a good laugh about Adam and Liz’s story.

At the waterfront, we ended up going to a bar to watch the game and got a pretty good spot right at the bar and in front of the TV. We had a flowing supply of beer and the atmosphere for the Bafana Bafana game was electric. Unfortunately Bufana pulled a 3-0 loss with the addition of their keeper obtaining a red card which silenced the bar. The S. Africa loss definitely lead to a disappointing night in the town, so we headed back to the house to play some more Party Mochen with the new punishment liquor that Adam and Liz found earlier that day. The new punishment liquor was called Brand Slang and was vodka with two hot red chilies soaking in the liquor. It was definitely a punishment liquor as the flaming hot vodka burned like fire down the back of your throat and stuck with you long after the shot. I got stuck with the very last shot from the bottle, which undoubtedly was te most fiery of em all. After sitting in that bottle with the two chillies it definitely felt like I was eating the chilies rather than taking a shot of liquor.

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18th June 2010

you gotta buy that brand slang for us.
27th June 2010

OMG. that baboon story is hilarious!!
9th November 2010
Photo 13

An american drinking Black Label, out of all the good things we have in S.A, you take black label.... And you can tell thats an american having a braai (or a "bbq" for them), i mean, look at little meat is on the braai...
29th May 2011

Brand slang
Hey ! I live in cape town and have been dying to get some brand slang for a friend of mine. Any idea where your friends got it ??

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