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August 11th 2015
Published: August 11th 2015
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Dear Reader,

Today was our first day in the Grace School (it was a bank holiday yesterday) and we were all looking forward to seeing old friends and getting underway with some of the things we had planned.

It was an early start; morning assembly at 7:30am meant we had to be out of bed before dawn (a challenge which defeated one of our group!). With a quick breakfast in our bellies we made our way to the school and arrived just in time for assembly.

Assembly is an experience not to be missed with the children singing in such as magnificent and tuneful way that even Simon Cowell would be moved!

Assembly was followed by a tour of the new infant block before we split-up to do our individual projects. Frances and Suzy unleashed their sublime poetry skills on Grade 8 (year 7) while yours truly went to see the principle of the Further Education Teaching (F.E.T.) school (covering years 9 to 11 in the U.K) to discuss calculators and how else we may be of service.

The school has a new library with many donated books which, after break, Eva, Amy and Suzy were busy categorising into the world famous Dewey Decimal System.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and colleagues in the U.K., I had 100 donated scientific calculators to give to the school. I wanted to teach the kids how to get the most out of them so I ran a class in the afternoon. The pupils were delighted with their new calculators even if it did mean they had to have an extra maths lesson at the end of the day!

Whilst I was busy with a combination of teenagers, maths and new gadgets, the rest of the group read some of the books we had brought over to the equally volatile infants. The infants are seemingly not used to being read to and were very excited and curious to see the pictures in the books.

At the end of the day, I took a small group of the final year Grade 12s (Year 11) to help them with their economics studies in readiness for their final exams in November.

We are visiting an Ndebele village tomorrow which we are all looking forward to. We will let you all know how it goes when we get back.

Good night,



11th August 2015

Grace Day
Great to hear all that's happening. Fantastic news about the calculators. About time they had some more (we gave the Maths dept. a lot six years ago now!) And the Dewey system--wow! They need more fiction, don't they? We found the younger ones loved stories, too--couldn't get enough of them! But I think Tim had the years out of sync. Grade 8 would be Year 9, more or less. Hope you enjoy tomorrow--is that Kghodwana?

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