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October 6th 2014
Published: October 7th 2014
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Entabeni day 1to3-01Entabeni day 1to3-01Entabeni day 1to3-01

The purple Jacaranda. The people of Pretoria have to fence themselves in because off high criminality.
All tiredness from a long flight suddenly disappear when we draw into the Entabeni range area. Alongside there was a Giraffe family. We draw around to get closer until we were few meters from the big animals.

The trip started when we went straight form Johannesburg Airport to Pretoria to se one of the capitals of South Africa. Along the streets in Pretoria the Jacaranda trees were blossoming with the most beautiful purple flowers giving the town a special look.

We couldn't get out of the bus because of danger of being robbed. After having the lunch at a pancake house we drove to our destination – Entabeni Game Reserve.

As we drove into the park the fun began there was Impalas along the road and suddenly we saw a Giraffe standing close to the road.

After this fantastic start of the trip, we got to our camp area and unpacked in our tent. In and around the dinning area there are an wild activity of Yellow Weaver Birds.

The first Game Drive started early next morning at 6. The sun was coming up over the horizon and it was bitterly cold. We were driving around
Entabeni day 1to3-02Entabeni day 1to3-02Entabeni day 1to3-02

The Game Drive car
in open cars and could feel the wind an smells from the savanna. We saw a lot of birds, Wildebeest, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos and much more.

On the evening Game Drive we chased up with Elephants, Kudu, Waterbuck and Lions. And of course we had our before dinner drink on the savanna to the roar of the Lions.

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Entabeni day 1to3-03Entabeni day 1to3-03
Entabeni day 1to3-03

The Entabeni Game Reserve, Entabeni means 'place of the mountain', is a 220 km² private reserve situated in the Waterberg in Limpopo Province in northern South Africa
Entabeni day 1to3-04Entabeni day 1to3-04
Entabeni day 1to3-04

Giraffes spotted on the way to the camp
Entabeni day 1to3-05Entabeni day 1to3-05
Entabeni day 1to3-05

Wildebeest and Jackals
Entabeni day 1to3-07Entabeni day 1to3-07
Entabeni day 1to3-07

A brake in the Game Drive
Entabeni day 1to3-08Entabeni day 1to3-08
Entabeni day 1to3-08

Yellow Weaver Bird
Entabeni day 1to3-10Entabeni day 1to3-10
Entabeni day 1to3-10

Elephant coming close to the car
Entabeni day 1to3-12Entabeni day 1to3-12
Entabeni day 1to3-12

A big Crocodile in front of a Game Drive Car
Entabeni day 1to3-14Entabeni day 1to3-14
Entabeni day 1to3-14

The teeth of the crocodile
Entabeni day 1to3-15Entabeni day 1to3-15
Entabeni day 1to3-15

Before dinner drink in from of the signature mountain of the park
Entabeni day 1to3-16Entabeni day 1to3-16
Entabeni day 1to3-16

The moon is rising while the sun is setting
Entabeni day 1to3-17Entabeni day 1to3-17
Entabeni day 1to3-17

The Lion in the dark evening
Entabeni day 1to3-18Entabeni day 1to3-18
Entabeni day 1to3-18

Rhino coming close to the car
Entabeni day 1to3-19Entabeni day 1to3-19
Entabeni day 1to3-19

Rhino walking into the bush

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