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December 14th 2020
Published: December 31st 2020
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Happy New Year to you and all your love ones! Let's hope 2021 will bring you all your wishes...and for 2021 and the travelers that we are...may the roads to discovery be open again!

Here it is, last blog of this impressive year. I know it has been tough on most of them, but for us...2020 was a slower year, a beautiful year as we got married over 6 months ago! No idea what is in the bag for 2021 and where we will be for most of the year...let say we trust our little path and our good star...and try to stay as safe as we can in those challenging times!

I need to write a little blog about home in South Africa. We have been back home for nearly 3 months....3 beautiful months. Beaches have closed in most of the country, but I could play golf yesterday, and today for the last dive of the year, it was just amazing and beautiful...and full of hammerhead sharks!

December is a festive month, and for me it start already in the middle of the month with my birthday. Yes, one year older...one year happier! I have probably already passed the half mark of my life, but if you follow this blog since 2007, you know whatever the future will bring us...what a ride so far!

The National Park of Hluhluwe-Umfolozi is just two hours North of Durban (we live short of 2 hours South of Durban). No international visitors around, we had the place for ourselves. If in Kruger we were after leopards, here it is all about the rhinos. They have a lot of them, the back as well as the rarer white ones. Here, we spotted mainly the white ones. You can basically see the difference not by the color, but by the shape of their mouth...so ask the rhino to face you and smile!

I hope you enjoy the pictures...we did enjoy our stay...2 days, 16 hours of self-drive. Next safari is supposed to come very soon...little further from home if everything is going smoothly.

What a golf year too. Ok, being in Seychelles was far away from being a golf dream, specially the island of Mahe. But we have been back since the 7th October. I have spent a total of 3 months this year in the country, and play 30 different golf courses...not bad! Handicap is still pretty stable around 10, but got more and more fun on the course! So this week-end, play solid at Mt Edgecombe...it's fun to show to youngsters with single figures handicap that I can still over-drive them a little. Next was the famous Durban Country Club...play nicely for a while...till...

It was also time to stock for wine. South Africa is one of the only country that has been banning the sale of alcohol during the peaks of Covid earlier this year. I knew it was coming back. I love to cook, and I love to pair my wines accordingly. So few bottles won't do it...we've got the range...we are ready...and 2 days ago the Government once again banned all sales of alcohol....should be till 15th January first...but trust me, it's going to last way longer! We are ready!

So tonight...nice dinner with one more household...it's not the time to play stupid....we just hope we won't be too unlucky!

Wishing you all a safe, tender, kind and nice New year Eve!

I always told...once covid hit 10,000 new cases per day in SA...we stay put. Well...the day we came back home, it reached 7,000 cases...so no more local travel for us for a while. Out of the question too to organize any gathering of decent size with friends...so we went on the best social distancing we could...self drive safari, little boat ride with the hyppos and two superb round of golf...plus more wine shopping...one or two decent meals and few more bubbles!

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31st December 2020

Happy New Year to both of you!
It doesn't sound like 2020 was that bad for you...being isolated in the Seychelles and on the golf courses, diving, and game reserves of South Africa with great food and wine! But without freedom to travel the world things are a bit out of order and I hope for all of us travelers the world will open up in 2021.
1st January 2021

Happy New Year! I will indeed not complain about 2020...we just did it a little differently, but still an amazing year!
31st December 2020
St Lucia hyppo dreamland!

Sensational Hippo Heaven
This is the shot most of us can only dream of Peter...sensational...5 stars hardly do it justice!!!!! May 2021 be a happy and safe one for your family.
1st January 2021
St Lucia hyppo dreamland!

Happy New Year!! Well....this is the place to see them open their big mouth! Saw it at least 10 times....to do this, only on last cruise of the day. If you are in town after 9pm....the hyppos will roam the street....

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