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December 29th 2011
Published: January 29th 2012
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1: shark dive on christmas eve 2011 53 secs
Sharkdiving Aliwal ShoalSharkdiving Aliwal ShoalSharkdiving Aliwal Shoal

Oceanic Blacktip Sharks 23712/2011
A divetrip to Umkomaas near Durban. 3 days of beautiful diving over christmas 2011 (Dec 23rd-25th 2011). I found some more great dive buddies and dive guides in Walter, Jilles and Barbara. Had absolutely amazing days above and under water! Thanks guys!

Come with me! Join me for a dive into diving with sharks at Aliwal Shoal. The sharks we encountered down there were mostly oceanic blacktips, wonderful elegant and majestic creatures. Enjoy!

I had three days of diving with Barbara, Walter and Jilles, three great reef dives at Aliwal Shoal (I will try to make another blog soon). On two of them we saw the raggedtooth sharks, and I had three great shark dives. We saw between twenty and maybe more then fifty oceanic blacktip sharks. On two of the dives there were tigersharks around, but did not come closer. The blacktips were exclusively females, no males in sight. Maybe somewhere else in the vicinity, because one of the females had bitemarks. The blacktips are beautiful creatures, swimming around us, restless, elegant swimmers. And not really interested in divers. Only interested in the bait fish, not at all in human divers...

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Mating is toughMating is tough
Mating is tough

Poor lady, this really looks like she mixed with a bad guy... but thats shark's life, the males bite the pectoral fins of the females

Cheeky, a female Oceanic Blacktip Shark 23/12/2011
Briefing: DONT!Briefing: DONT!
Briefing: DONT!

"Don't get buoyant like an angel, the sharks might like your flapping hands..." Jilles and Walter explain the business.
Briefing: DOBriefing: DO
Briefing: DO

"Better: keep hands close to the body" Jilles shows it while Walter is still making fun... having fun is part of the job...:-)
A sharks faceA sharks face
A sharks face

Sharkdive on Christmas eve
Cheeky againCheeky again
Cheeky again

Another pic of cheeky swimming around us
Oceanic BlacktipOceanic Blacktip
Oceanic Blacktip

Close encounter, but they do not run into you, it more feels like they are extremely careful and never bump into you or into each other
Oceanic BlacktipOceanic Blacktip
Oceanic Blacktip

beautiful encounter in the open water
Close-up: Nose Close-up: Nose
Close-up: Nose

Close-up of the nose. the grooves and pits of the sensory cells and ampullae lorenzini
crossing pathscrossing paths
crossing paths

two oceanic blacktips, quite a good picture of these two beauties


Raggedtooth Sharks on christmas eve, Aliwal Shoal, the Chunnel!
Raggedtooth SharksRaggedtooth Sharks
Raggedtooth Sharks

Raggies on christmas eve, Aliwal shoal
Raggies in the chunnelRaggies in the chunnel
Raggies in the chunnel

Dec 24th, divesite: the Chunnel
Raggie near the pinnaclesRaggie near the pinnacles
Raggie near the pinnacles

Divesite: Pinnacles, Aliwal Shoal, Dec 25th 2011
Already thereAlready there
Already there

theres already quite a few around down there, cruising around and hoping for prey. Dec 25th 2011
Shark flying around usShark flying around us
Shark flying around us

looks like this shark is flying around us
The shadow of the remoraThe shadow of the remora
The shadow of the remora

The shadow of the remora on her body
quite a few!quite a few!
quite a few!

at least 20 blacktip sharks on this image! Even if it looks like chaos and hectic it did not feel like it. They always tried to avoid divers, the baitbal or bumping into each other. A bite seems to be carefully decided, if all his senses tell him to go, but also on opportunity. As a diver, do not give him opportunities.
quite a few sharks around the baitballquite a few sharks around the baitball
quite a few sharks around the baitball

Again more than 20 sharks on one picture. The one in the center left above the ball has a badly broken jaw from a fishhook

5th February 2012
Sharkdiving Aliwal Shoal

Awesome picture.

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