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October 24th 2010
Published: October 28th 2010
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Ellie and I had crawled in to bed only 45minutes earlier, but were dragged out again at 7am by her three little nieces for a morning swim in their pool. To be fair we were quite up for it as there was no doubt we were still under the influence. We had loads of fun splashing around with them and kept getting Lulu (the female dog) to jump in and swim with us. I think Lulu welcomed the break, as she is continually chased round and round the pool by Diego the male dog. He’s trots round after her, tongue hanging out to the side and his eyes glazed over in his lovesick state. She frequently bites or growls at him in frustration and no one can blame her. Christ, give her some space Diego!
By lunchtime our hangover had well and truly kicked in. Ross’s sister Lee had taken the two older girls to a show, so when Ross and Laura said they were going out for lunch, we decided to join them so we could sit back, relax and have food cooked for us (rather than trek to the supermarket then get involved in the cooking).
Ross chose a great Seafood restaurant and I had a platter for one (which included a selection of muscles, king prawns and calamari) along with a few shots of Sambuca to wash it down with. Ross tricked me in to trying a jalapeno dip and for the next hour or so I had to sit with an ice cube on my throbbing lip! I was kind of regretting saying “I’ll try any food once”
We really enjoyed the afternoon then came home to play with the girls and chat around the kitchen table with Lee. She mentioned their brother in-law had been held captive by some robbers on their farm the other day. It was a very disturbing story and I really felt sorry for the brother and his family having to go through such a horrific ordeal. The robbers hadn’t realised he spoke Zulu which meant he was able to hear all of their conversation and knew exactly what they planned to do with him. Fortunately his wife and their children had been away for the evening so hadn’t had to witness any of it. Stories like this give you a chill down your spine but it finished with a happy ending as amazingly he’d managed to escape to safety.
I was really pleased Ellie and I had made the effort to go out instead of wasting the day by feeling rotten on the sofa. I apologise there’s no photos to go with today’s post, but we were in no fit state to be snapped. It’s no surprise that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at 7pm!


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