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Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban March 25th 2020

Today is Wednesday 25th March We have been outside Durban in South Africa since Sunday morning. The port authorities are keeping us hanging about. But posting this so you can see what we have been doing with all our sea days. Will go into more detail with the next blog. The captain is furious I am sure, reading what he didn’t say in his last update. We have been cleared for entry to the actual port, but are still waiting. We need fuel, medical supplies and stores. We are all fine, in our little bubble, with glorious weather, entertainment etc. So making the most of our situation. Hearing the news from home on the BBC news channel is very sombre and hoping all our loved ones are safe. Day 32 Saturday 14th March, 2020 At Sea ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban » Durban North January 7th 2019

Coming from the spectacular Drakensberg and driving into the suburbs of Durban was quite a change for us. Finally the rain started to ease and by reaching the suburbs of Durban it completely stopped. Durban was surprisingly green and hilly. For whatever reason we expected it to be flat and dusty. But no, it was green, hilly with lots of exocitcs flowers blossoming. But it was hot and humid! For 6 days we had been on an average height of about 1700 metres where it gets a bit chilly in the evening. Not so in Durban - it was definitely a different climate. But nice for a change for us, for sure! We navigated through the highway to our accomodation in Durban North. We had opted for a room a bit out of town, because we ... read more
us on Durban beach
lunch with our friends on the beach in Durban
beach at Shakas Rock

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban October 2nd 2017

Nous voici de retour à la maison ! LE BONHEUR ! Me voici d'ailleurs bien tardivement pour vous faire part de ce dernier blog sur l'Afrique du Sud... La joie d'être à la maison est telle que tous deux nous avons trouvé mille choses à faire par ici ou par là... J'ai aussi commencé la mise en page de mon album de photos... et du coup ai complètement oublié que VOUS attendiez le reste... Toutes mes excuses, je me rattrape immédiatement ! Mais avant de nous quitter, quelques dernières photos de Shelly Beach où vit PA mais aussi Durban, ou le peu que nous y avons vu... Pour nous vraiment pas grand chose à faire ici (Shelly Beach) si ce n'est aller admirer les grandes vagues de l'océan pendant que PA passe ses matinées en plongée ... read more
à l'arrière du bâtiment où habite PA
Un oiseau de son jardin

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban September 30th 2017

Nous avons quitté Cape Town sous la pluie... (seulement entre la porte d'embarquement et l'avion...), ne nous plaignons donc pas... Notre destination sera maintenant Durban où nous devons retrouver PA, sa copine et Tiffany... Notre style de vie va totalement changer... nous aurions du venir avec nos patins à roulettes... la jeunesse d'aujourd'hui a bien oublié que passé 70 ans on a plus 20 ans et qu'on ne peut plus courir comme avant... Pas grave... nous encaissons... et nos yeux captent les sentiments que nous avons à ressentir durant des kilomètres... Quand ils atteindront notre âge on éclatera de rire dans notre tombe au vu de ce que leurs corps à eux deviendront, puisque chacun est fait pour vieillir un jour. Passons à autre chose... Bien faire et laisser braire disait ma maman... A vous de ... read more
Aeroport de Durban
Le stade de Durban
sur les routes, les chargements de cannes à sucre

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban July 2nd 2017

Here we are, another amazing week-end in South Africa. It all started with a round of golf and a little wine tasting on Thursday in Durban. The city is just a 90 minutes drive north from home, so can be also done on a one day trip. I play the Durban Country Club. This year, the course ranks 5th in South Africa, and back in 2015, they made it to the top 100 Golf Courses by Golf Digest. It was not a special golf day, so no discount green fee here. Still, it was only 30usd for the green fee! You won't find that sort of deal outside of South Africa when it come to play golf on amazing golf courses. Later on that day, we went for a little wine tasting at the local Makro ... read more
Today, it's all about horses...and fashion!
Happy couple get ready for a beautiful day...
Amazing Durban Country Club

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban April 1st 2016

We never thought we would ever be able to visit South Africa but here we were in Durban. The capital of Kwa-Zulu Province, it is reputed to be the most Indian city in South Africa as well as the busiest container port in Africa. We arrived early in the morning but it was about 10am before we were able to get off the ship and take a shuttle bus to the beginning of the “Golden Mile” - Durban's world famous surfing beach. It was deserted for most its length but, at one point, preparations were being made for a surfing competition due to start the next day. As we walked away from the beach and into the centre of the city we began to meet more people. There were a lot of people hanging around the ... read more
McD's Friendly staff
At Victoria Market

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban March 27th 2016

Happy Easter everyone! In the meantime I've been back in Curaçao since 3 months and the blogs-entries are running behind. We left Swaziland and entered South Africa via the Mahamba border crossing. We drove for about 7 hours to get to our next hostel. On the way we stopped in Piet Retief for lunch and later in Bergville to buy some groceries. Our hostel was beautifully located along the R74 road, isolated on a big field, surrounded by a lot of grass, trees and a big lake on a short distance. The Drakensberg Mountains are located nearby and that’s what draws most people here. The tiny country of Lesotho is also nearby but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to visit. The hostel was fun, we met several travellers there who we kept meeting in other ... read more
Our first view of Durban
Entrance towards the hostel near Royal Natal N.P
View from our hostel near Royal Natal N.P

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban August 23rd 2015

Since these oaks were from Durban….and I needed to go that way, Stuey was nice enough to offer a ride all the way! Super lekke!!!! So bright and early, well earlier than I thought these guys would be up, we hit the road and found a niiiiiice brekky spot a few hours down the road. After some good farm fresh business we rolled into Durban and to the door of my hostel EZ PZ as if it was their job! It was braai night at the hostel too so all I needed was some meat! I chose a “21 day lazy aged” steak. Whatever that means it was good over the coals. Bread was good as was the salad! The Florida Road is where a lot of action is in Durban but I only window shopped, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban July 22nd 2015

This is it, our last entry for our summer holidays shared with Tiffany and Leslie. Not any entry however! We fly British Airways all the way from Cape Town to Durban, 2 hours flight to be back where it all nearly started. This time, we are staying in Umhlanga, on the outskirts of Durban...this place is also always my last stop after diving Shelly Beach and just making it back to home after my usual little trips to Congo. As I told you already, in a near future, I'm moving to South dive, play golf, cook and enjoy some amazing wines! But Tiffany will be moving first! As of middle of January 2016, she is moving to a great boarding school just a hundred kilometers from Durban. So our mission, for her birthday day, was ... read more
Ready for the last dive of the holidays!
Guitar shark
Happy birthday Tiffany.....13 years old already!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban May 15th 2015

Romance. It didn’t happen to me, but it did happen on my BazBus to Durban between two passengers. It reminded me of the transience of travelling – after a couple of days, they’ll probably never see each other again. It was almost exactly like that Ethan Hawke film Before Sunrise when two backpackers meet on a train in Europe and decide to get off in Vienna where they spend all night walking the streets of the city and falling in love – only for the girl to catch a train back to France in the morning, never to see each other again. Travelling solo can get lonely – especially during low season – so I’ll admit that there was a part of me wishing it was happening to me. Boastfulness. It’s not a good look. I’ve ... read more
Moses Mabhida Stadium
City Hall
Beachside Promenade

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