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September 26th 2019
Published: October 1st 2019
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Hello everybody,

and welcome to my travel blog! 😊

As i'm lucky enough to be travelling the world for work -and for leisure too- i thought it would be a good idea to start a blog and to share my adventures, experience and my tips with you lovely people.

If you're a travel addict, you're up for adventures, looking for tips and places to see or things to do, or don't get the chance to travel, but would like to see the world through other travellers' eyes, I'm your person.

I also love sports, so there will be occasions when I share training tips, hiking or cycling ideas. The things you won't read about very often are museums. Not because I don't like them, but as my visits are normally short, there isn't enough time to visit them. Also if I have to choose between a museum and nature, I'll always go for nature.

I'll try to share all my adventures (although I can't promise it'll happen) and as many photos and videos as possible. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding anything really (well, within reason of course), please do not hesitate to get
Giraffe spottingGiraffe spottingGiraffe spotting

Very happy to see them :)
in touch.

The visits are mostly short ones, so the number of sights/activities visited will be limited. But I'm sure some of you are in the same shoes, and just want to make the most out of a couple of hours or days.

Let me start with my latest trip to Johannesburg. It was my first time in South Africa, and as Johannesburg is believed to be unsafe, I decided not to go in the city, but sitting in my hotel room is never an option for me. And what would one do when in Africa? Safari. It's always been a dream of mine to go for a safari one day. I've planned for a long time to do it on my honeymoon (mind you, I've been single for almost a decade, so chances are it'll never happen :D). But without wedding and honeymoon plans, given the opportunity, I didn't waste my time and booked a horseback safari. Sure, wild animals are more exciting, and would attract more followers, but I love and missed horse riding, and was not really in the mood for much adrenaline, so it seemed like the perfect choice.

Organising the trip was
Giraffe spottingGiraffe spottingGiraffe spotting

Desperate for a good picture, even with the back side of them :D
super-easy, took a couple of texts and it was all booked. The next day a car was waiting for me at the hotel to take me and other travellers to a National Park kind of thing.

We signed a form, were given some water, a helmet, and after a short briefing we were ready to meet the horses. The horses were distributed according to experience, and after few minutes of getting to know them we hopped on and were ready to go.

The 3-4 hours of the tour were a state of pure flow. Me, my horse and nature. And suddenly all my problems were so far away, nothing seemed important enough to think about.

About 20 minutes in, the leading horse jumped back and wouldn't cross a path. I got really scared thinking it was a lion, even though they were supposed to be behind a fence. But luckily it was just a tiny river that the horse wasn't happy with.

The rest of the tour was spotless and we got to see so many animals such as gems boks, elands, water boks, giraffes, wildebeests and zebras. Even an ostrich crossed our path.

We got really close to the animals. According to our guides when on horseback other animals see the horse not the human. I can't confirm that's true, I can only confirm that none of the animals seemed to be scared or even bothered by us. It was one of the greates experiences of my life, I highly recommend it to anyone!

I've attached some pictures so you don't have to rely only on your immagination, and you'll also find a video on my Youtube channel below.

Happy travels everyone!



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