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January 29th 2014
Published: January 29th 2014
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In the morning we all got up at a good time to go to the next hotel.

The hotel is located in the mountains they have even got snow like Canada. Right now it's summer in South Africa and winter in Canada much better climate still a little to hot. We watch too movies on the way to the hotel. One was a really good! It's called Blind Side. A true story about a kid named Michel who becomes a really good Foot Ball player. It had a good ending. When we got to the hotel we had some down time. I went and played soccer with the boys I had really bad shoes for soccer and ended up hurting my foot by kicking the ball around. We had are supper then went to bed for the day ahead of us...

In the morning we all went to a small town down the mountain. We had a guild tuck us to a house made of cars and other pieces of metal. The house is amazing you have to clime a later to get in. The house has two floors and is 2-3 meters off the ground it's crazy. After he told us how he made it and how he would take apart his old one and build a new one. He also made metal helicopters and planes. We got one of each and want to build more when we get home to Canada. We were met by a you're boy who started to follow us and played with Sam! We then got to met the tradition healer of the town. He had a certificate and he could get help and help the hospital. The healer told us about what it's like and how hared it is. We asked some questions then we took are leave. The guild had made plans to have us play a soccer game with the locals. We had some of theme on are team because we only had three of us. Are team one by one point it was a close and fun game. The first game with a ref in awhile. After the game we got some downtime to ourselves we could go horse bake riding, hiking, stay at the hotel or go quading. We decided to rest at the hotel for the day. I did some of my blog and played more soccer. For supper we went to a pizza place that has really good pizza that was are last supper with every one😞

The next day went back to Johannesburg. The journey ended. It was really fun thought and I would love to do it agin in time.

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