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Africa » Seychelles » Mahé March 23rd 2007

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring weather. its hot as hell here, but i'm loving it. i havn't been in to town lately because i despise civilization and it is becoming a chore, but hearing from all of you makes it worth while. Silhoutte was just as beautiful as the first time. we saw 3 groups of turtle hatchlings which ranks pretty high on the most amazing things i've ever seen list. also the weather was beautiful and i got to climb every day. we are now in the interphase part where all the expedition members are gone ( i have been initiated as staff now ) and it is soooo relaxing. yesterday we took the boat out to Therese island for a barbeque, frisbee, and laying on the beach. and ... read more
snoopy the hawksbill hatchling
seychelles anenome fish

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé March 10th 2007

hey everyone, just wanted to write a quick entry to let everyone know i'm still alive. i will be heading back to silhouette for another week to hang out with the turtles. also GVI has asked me to stay on as an intern for the next phase and i couldn't pass it up. So after a 2 week trip to Kenya i will be back in the seychelles for another 10 weeks as staff (scary thought that i will be in charge of paying expedition members.) i apologize for the lack of pictures in this entry, but i promise plenty of good ones in a week or so. write back and let me know how things are... here's a topic: what i did last saturday night... 200 words minimum. i miss you all, ~Paul... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé February 13th 2007

Hey everybody, just rolled into victoria for the last time in a while. i am leaving this saturday to spend a week on sillhoutte island doing turtle hatchling surveys and hangin out with the native giant tortoises hector, carl, and the rest. the previous groups have seen lots of nesting turtles so it is likely that we will see plenty of hatchlings. yesterday marked the end of the first five weeks and we had our five week bbq. Plenty of fried yard bird and hot dogs (the first meat we've had on base) rum punch, complete with pineapple that i gathered from the hills, and Seybrew. The end of the first five weeks also means that four members of our group havce left us and 12 more arrive tommorow so things are about to get crazy. ... read more
spare tanks for beer
High Tide
hawksbill turtle hatchling

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé February 7th 2007

Hey everyone, Hope all is well in the states and i hope its dumping snow in colorado/california/wherever. here in the seychelles it is hot and sunny. after finishing my plankton samples early this morning, and breaking the gvi record of 37 seconds for pulling the net in (its a 50 meter rope with a 5 lb. weight and a net to catch the plankton), i decided to take the rest of the day off and head into town to write an email. Life on base has been very good we have started our coral surveys and moved out of baie ternay to other more remote dive sites around the island. i am comming up on dive number 100 and plan on celebrating when it is reached. The other day we spotted a huge stingray, i am ... read more
raptor country
palm spider

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé January 28th 2007

Hey Everyone, Hope all is well in the States. I have been in the Seychelles for two and a half weeks now and am quite accustomed to island life. I arrived on Jan. 9th in Victoria and spent a day on the beach at Beau Vallon before i was picked up and taken to the GVI base which is a 45 min bus ride from the capital and largest city of Victoria, and a 30 min walk from Port Launay and the nearest store and bus stop. Our base is located on Cap Ternay between two idyllic beaches, grand anse and baie ternay. Baie Ternay is directly north of base and is where almost all of our diving has been so far. We have been diving every day except for Wednesdays and weekends and i have ... read more
View from my window
drying the kit
Baie Ternay and Silhouette Island

Africa » Seychelles March 9th 2006

March 9th, 2006, Day 63 of our cruise of 105 Spent the day at Victoria, on Ile Mahe one of 115 Seychelles Islands It is the Hawaii of the Indian Ocean, an absolute paradise We arrived this morning to a beautiful, clean town on peaks of lovely green trees. Shuttled into town, bought Seychelle ruppes(by mistake) hopped a cab to the other side of the island to the nicest beach( Beau Vallon). Swam in warm salt water, came back to town for shopping and came home. Lovely day Now we will be three days sailing the Indian Ocean to Cochin, India. This Seychelle Island was a great reprieve between Kenya and India. The Seychelles are British but just recently, yet everybody speaks French and Creole. On the radio of the shuttle bus today, the announcer switched ... read more
Where 3 continents meet
Sunset at sailaway

Africa » Seychelles » Mahé April 18th 2002

Our Honeymoon in Seychelles Islands, located in the Indian Ocean was the ultimate romantic trip of our lives. We flew Air Seychelles from Bombay airport with a stopover in Mauritius and arrived in Victoria, the exotic capital of the island Mahe. We took a cab to our hotel, The Coral Strand where we were staying for a week. Coral Strand Hotel is nestled in the Beau Vallon Bay, the most famous beach on Mahe. I was glad that our room had no TV; it was our honeymoon after all and who needs TV ; ). We had a sea facing room with a cute little balcony. It was the perfect spot to share a bottle of champagne which we did on our first night there! Mahé boasts 65 silver beaches, plus an array of restaurants, cafés, ... read more

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