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March 7th 2019
Published: March 8th 2019
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(CJ writes) Thursday 7th March: my birthday (hence the trip to the Seychelles), and we spent it in fine style by taking a ferry to the nearby small island of La Digue. So small, in fact, that there are few cars or lorries, and the locals mainly get around by bike. The touristy thing to do is to hire one on arrival at about 9:45am and ride around all day visiting the various local beaches, restaurants and souvenir shops before boarding the return ferry.
We got there, picked up the bikes and got going. (I haven’t ridden a bike since we rode along the city walls in Xian, China, a few years ago, but you never forget ... Turns out I can either pedal or steer, but not both at once). Few shops open because a former President of the Seychelles had inconsiderately popped his clogs the day we left home, and his full state funeral was held today. But the beaches were as we’ve come to expect: white, white sand stretching for miles; palm trees and the most enormous black granite boulders along the beach; dazzling sun but very few people. Gorgeous!

SC adds...La Digue also has giant tortoises but here the proportion of females is higher although they are still in the minority. On result of this is that there's a lot of tortoise bonking going on and we saw more than enough to be frank. The males literally queue up for their turn! See picture....We also heard the bonking...the males make long roars during the act... All very graphic .
CJ again - Really, the only downside was the bike - more specifically the saddle on the bike, which was rather narrow for a woman of my stature. I don’t know how the locals cope: I swear I’ll be walking weird for a week. (SC adds😊 as for me I managed to fall off my bike twice...a ladies frame. Old habits meant that I tried to dismout by the leg over the back method..instead of stepping through the bike frame. But there was a large, useful basket on the back so my leg just would not go...result I was left flat on backside twice! I also lost a hat on a mad descent. It simply blew off and was gone. sign of it! One other downside it that the bugs keep biting...evil little critters.

Overall CJ enjoyed the that's alright.

CJ again..., We have a rather nice looking restaurant reserved for the evening, which goes under the romantic moniker of The Pond. Very ‘zen’ apparently, and gets a good write-up. Given that it was way too hot for anything beyond ice cream for lunch, we’re both looking forward to dinner!

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Steve takes a dipSteve takes a dip
Steve takes a dip

We have been in the sea every warm!

8th March 2019

Seems like little has changed since I went to the Seychelles about 20 years ago apart from the prices - it was a little expensive then but not on the scale you’ve been talking. Glad you enjoyed the Octopus curry. Pity they don’t have good mountain bikes in La Digue - we stayed on the island which was fantastic. Shame the shops were shut as I remember some great galleries and jewellery workshops - I have a painting of the coco de mer forest on our bedroom wall. Enjoy the rest of your trip and happy birthday to Cathy.

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