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Africa » Seychelles » Praslin October 7th 2020

Here we are, our last entry about our 13 months stay in Seychelles. We are boarding our first flight in 7 months. You know me, honeymoon, need to have something special...something like one more round-the-world maybe. But here we are, this is 2020, the year of Covid-19! So we went on honeymoon, less than 80 kilometers from home. I never thought this could even happen one day, but here we are, it's 2020! Tourists have been allowed back in Seychelles. So we encounter few there and there. Our early morning flight is actually pretty full, with some 2/3 of locals on the plane. We are out for a long week-end, one night at Le Lemuria and two nights at Duc de Praslin. We get into Praslin and jump on a taxi for the 3-4 kilometers to ... read more
The cocos de mer, in the National Park of Vallee de Mai
My wife! Smile!
Superbe dinner at Le Lemuria

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin March 6th 2019

(SC writes) Yesterday we hired a car and toured Praslin. The waether wasn't great but it didn't matter too much as our first stop was at Vallee de Mai: a two hour walk and climb through an ancient palm forest and the home of the famous Coco de Mer. We covered up to avoid being eaten by bugs, but, boy was it hot and sticky. Worth it though and a very enjoyable look at the interior of Praslin. See pix of the infeasibly large nut with all sorts of sexual overtones and the frankly phallic male flower. (CJ: the female nut takes seven years to mature. It is contained within a fleshy, heart shaped exterior which must rot away pretty quickly in this climate, leaving a nut weighing 18kg or thereabouts. The male flower is about ... read more
On the clamber through Vallee De Mai
Cathy discovers the Coco de Mer
Steve in the forest

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin March 4th 2019

(CJ writes) Things we have learned about the Seychelles: * the islands have a chequered history: occupied by freed slaves, colonised by France and then gained independence, then the British took over - and they eventually gained independence again. Consequently the first language is Kreol, the official language is English and place names, businesses etc tend to be in French, which nearly everybody speaks. Prices for locals are in Seychelles rupees, tourist prices are in euros; * drivers are almost all lunatics. They’ll pull out of a turning - looking right at you - when you’re only a couple of yards away. They’ll routinely drive hanging half way over the centre line (and the roads are barely wide enough for two vehicles). They’ll overtake on blind corners. And the bus drivers are worse than that! * ... read more
Cathy enjoys a fine sunset
Sunset 3rd March
Unexpected accommodation tonight

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin July 23rd 2017

July 23, 2017 - Last night I didn't sleep that well. I woke up several times, and at 4 am I woke up thinking about a message from the guy in charge of the airbnb that I'm staying in. The family who own the house is very nice, but some of the information in the description is incorrect, so I wrote the guy they use to deal with the online portion an email saying he should fix it. He wrote back saying that Italian women are never satisfied and that's why Italian men have started going for Seychellois women. What a jerk. It was hard to get back to sleep, but I think I did for a while. I got up at 6:30 am, checked the internet, and had my cereal with a banana, which was ... read more
Fond Ferdinand sign
Coco de Mer nut
A double nut!

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin July 22nd 2017

July 22, 2017 - Alarm set for 6:30, up by 6:15. So, a normal day of "unlikely to relax". Today I had a day trip to Curiuese Island and then snorkeling around Ile St. Pierre. I ate my boring cereal and this time added a pear to it. It did not get better. I had to be in Cote d'Or for the 9:30 am boat departure, so I left at 8am to catch the bus. Does it take over an hour to get there? No. But the bus times are unknown, they are not frequent, and I didn't feel like starting my day with an hour walk to get there. As I waited, Carlos, the Spanish guy staying in the house, walked by to wait for the bus to Valle de Mai. After 15 minutes he ... read more
Cote d'Or
A view of the island from the boat
Curiuese island

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin July 21st 2017

July 21, 2017 - I woke up at 7am and for breakfast I had a boring cereal I bought yesterday called Bran Stars. The weather looked cloudy and I was wondering what I would be able to do today. I decided to go to Valle de Mai, an UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see on the island. It is where a large concentration of coco de mer palms grow, and they only grow on this and one other island in the Seychelles. Their nut can weigh 30 pounds, and its shape resembles a woman's butt and thighs, of all things. These grow on the female plant. There is also a male plant that has a catkin with pollen, and it looks distinctly .... male. As I was leaving the house, it started to rain. I ... read more
The old-timey house I'm staying in
Valle de Mai
Valle de Mai

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin July 20th 2017

July 20, 2017 - I set my alarm for 6 am, so of course I was up by 5:30. Used the internet, finished my bag of granola, finished packing. I said good bye to the dogs and Claude and walked to the bus stop. Ten minutes later we were off to Victoria. Being so early in the morning, I was worried about the bus being crowded with my luggage, but it wasn't. It was the first time I'd seen traffic, though, and there was a line waiting to get into the town. But it didn't take too long and I still had plenty of time to walk over to the ferry. It was raining when I got in the bus and overcast when I got out, so I wasn't too sweaty when I arrived at the ... read more
My last room is Mahe
Dock for the ferry
From the ferry

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin February 7th 2016

Praslin, Seychelles 1-12-16 Victoria Seychelles $1US=14 SCR Seychellois Rupee 90F Thu do cua Seychelles la Victoria.La thu do nho nhat the gioi. Rong 459km2 va 92,000dan. Bang ¼ Mauritius nhung dan it hon so voi dien tich dat. Do do mat do la 186 nguoi/km2. Dan thua. Nhung dan giau vi dan it voi loi tuc la $24,000/nam. Da so noi tieng Seychelles Creole, 93% la dan Seychelles, 3% ANh Phap Tau. Ho lai noi tieng Seychelles Creole. Nguoi Creole la nguoi thuoc mien dong Phi Chau va nguoi Malagase. Ho den day nhu la slave roi ton tai lai day. Ho cung la nguoi Malagase ma chiem hau het dan so o Madagascar. Giong nguoi nay den tu Borneo tu the ky thu 3,4. Ho dung tien Seychelles Rupee. Co 115 islands de tao thanh ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin April 5th 2014

It's a hard life. Not really - it's actually pretty sweet right now. I'm on the uninhabited 'Curieuse Island' which lies just 15 minutes by boat from Praslin, a major island in the collection of islands known as the Seychelles. What a place. Working as a volunteer with Global Vision International (GVI) on research and conservation is pretty much the dream. Who needs civilization when you have tortoises strolling passed your dorms during the day? Who needs hot water for showers when you have a clear, turquoise sea which is ideally controlled to be at the perfect bathing temperature for 12 hours of the day? Who needs a gym when you can trek through jungle terrain in search of endemic species of birds, trees and tortoises for a natural, full body workout? And, who needs mosquito ... read more
A bit of snorkelling
The Volunteers
Green Team on Island Monopoly

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin October 21st 2011

The Seychelles. A place name that conjures up pictures of paradise; and it didn’t disappoint. Of all our travels around the world and I believe this is our 80th (ish!) country... this is the most stunningly beautiful we’ve ever visited. The spectacular granitic islands that make up the Seychelles archipealogical area are simply awe-inspiring. After an 11.5 hour journey from London via Milan we arrived on the island of Mahe on Saturday morning. Next up we entered the balmy tropical outside temperatures, walked across the tarmac and boarded a small plane for the first island of our visit – Praslin. When we say small, it was one of the smallest we’d been on excusing scenic flights across places like the Okavanga Delta or The Grand Canyon. It took us a little by surprise but was very ... read more
Spectacular granite boulders lined the beaches
Seychelles sunset
La Reserve jetty where we ate breakfast each day

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