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March 10th 2007
Published: March 10th 2007
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hey everyone,

just wanted to write a quick entry to let everyone know i'm still alive. i will be heading
back to silhouette for another week to hang out with the turtles. also GVI has asked me to
stay on as an intern for the next phase and i couldn't pass it up. So after a 2 week trip to Kenya
i will be back in the seychelles for another 10 weeks as staff (scary thought that i will be in charge of
paying expedition members.) i apologize for the lack of pictures in this entry, but i promise plenty of good
ones in a week or so. write back and let me know how things are... here's a topic: what i did last saturday night... 200 words minimum.

i miss you all,



14th March 2007

What I did on saturday Night......uhm NOTHING! I am sick and I am on the couch. That is awsome that you got an internship. I want to see pictures of giraffs and hippos when you go to Kenya. Are you picking up on any language that they speak. (whatever it is that they speak) Thanks for letting me know you were alive. I was looking at old pictures the other day and you were in them...of course. Crazy times. Well WHEN you get back I want you to come and visit me and bring Stevo and then I want to go and float down the river. I have no idea when I am going to be able to go home. I am starting a job this week and I am going to take summer school. I told this stupid thing to send me an e-mail every time you wrote something but it doesn't. I am kind of upset about it. Okay I think that is it for now. I know you are having a great time so just keep me updated! Lindsay
21st March 2007

Whats up Paul. I pretty much raged st Patricks day, Vogl had a rager and we got drunk as skunks. You missed some shitty ice skiing over spring break, I went four times and the ice kicked my ass. Im still recovering five days later. You sound like your havin a great time, me and dan are planning a trip to the Galopagos and we'll probably swing by and grab you before we go. We watched some discovery channel and decided we have to go, but first we have to rob a bank or something for the funds. I'll let you know when it goes down. Anyways you keep raging that place and stay away from those killer Box Jellyfish (saw that on Discovery too) they kill within 2 minutes. I got class but on your next transmission let me know when you think you'll come back to sivilization. oh ya and were going to 3 nights of cheese this weekend you loser, even though you probly wouldn't of gone anyway. your buddies dan and sloth
21st March 2007

oh oh oh, Sat. was awesome. Went to see the 5th and final night os STS9 at Boulder Theatre. we had some good L and a great time at Jon and Suzan's in Boulder and then I talked everyone into eating some mushrooms and drinking all day on Sunday!! Sacralicious - Whoo hoo! Party time! I only wish every Sat. and Sun. could be that exciting (minus the slow brain for a day or two)

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