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July 17th 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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We do the obligatory La Digue thing and hire bikes, though with little Z it’s a bit more tricky to find a bike with a seat that’s safe enough for him - and thenbless he falls asleep, ending up almost perpendicular to the wheel so that NRG ends up carrying him in the baby sling while trying to ride too - no mean feat. We make for Anse Source D’Argent, the obligatory beach, and potter along its shaded path trying to find the perfect spot - we find it - a couple of sun loungers hiding behind a scattering of granite boulders that are like confetti here, celebrating the island’s wondrous coastline. The waters are shallow but translucent and with snorkels snug on skin, me, Abs and the other one, navigate the rocky seabed and swim above, and along with, fishes of all shapes and sizes. We swap so that NRG can have a swim as well and then once on dry land we enjoy the sport of watching other people take their holiday pics. I don’t know if it’s a money thing, a nationality thing or a Seychelles thing, but here you see some serious posing and one couple in particular were unbelievable. The woman, I think, thought she was Helena Christenson in Chris Issaks’ Wicked Game video, frolicking in the waves, rolling about in the sand and draping herself over rocks while the her voyeuristic boyfriend when he wasn’t leering behind the camera, flicked his hair, readjusted his speedos and tried desperately hard to look masculine. Our photos? The other one pretending to strain under the weight of a massive boulder, me rising Bela Lugosi style out of a stone coffin thing and Barnaby the Bear (NRG’s travelling bear - like our mate Alix) sunbathing.

The couple wandered over and I made to get out of the way so that they could drape themselves around the nearest available rock but instead they asked if I could take their picture - what a coup! I resisted the urge to chop their heads of the picture (with digital these days it’s a risky proposition) or ask them to say ‘readers wives’ as I took the photo. In fact, I was very nice and took two decent photos. I only mock from afar and hey they were on holiday.


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