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July 17th 2010
Published: September 2nd 2010
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Abs laid on the charm and got our TV changed back at the pad - one with a picture, hurrah! Abs had brought some face paint over with him in the hope that he could painted up and beat his chest in a testosterone way in a pub full of England fans. Instead, he got one man, two women and a baby. Not wanting to disappoint him though, me and the other one stole the paint and like naughty kids, snuck off to the bedroom to get ‘georged up’, emerging some minutes later to the mild surprise of Abs and NR - they knew we’d been up to something. They got georged up too, though NRG was George Lite on account of not frightening the bejeezus out of Z, who obviously wanted to be in on the act as he refused to go to sleep and instead shared our complete disillusionment at a pants game. Worse, scrub as I might, I still had a faint red cross on my face when I went to bed, nice.


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