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Dear All, Thank you to those who have left us messages either on the blog or via It sounds a bit cliched, but it is great to hear about everything, even if it is snow or night shifts! We honestly derive no pleasure at all, none, from hearing about the ongoing winter in England.....! We have just passed the 50 day point and are celebrating our 3 month wedding anniversary overlooking the river Gambia. Ironically, the "campement de lion" menu tonight has served up Jo's nightmare meal of really bony fish, onions and rice, but she has been entertained by a baby monkey, so things are not too bad..... I have started the tropical medicine textbooks in an attempt to not look like a complete idiot, and have, to put it mildly, instilled a certain ... read more
Tea in the desert
No mans land

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Kedougou December 28th 2011

This, the first blog of my Philippines trip is about Africa, Senegal... The connection is just 'travel', and also, photos. I did many cool things in Senegal last winter, but never blogged about them. No laptop, unfamiliar keyboards, poor internet connections, other things to do... so here and now, with a few hours in the Seoul, South Korea airport, seems like a good time. In Sierra Leone, 25 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer, we would think nothing of setting off across the countryside to a village we'd never been to. For work or just for a hike, didn't matter, it was safe, we were always treated well and we knew we'd find our way back somehow. So I wanted to do a cross country hike in Senegal, stopping in villages and farms along the ... read more

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Tambacounda May 16th 2010

Hitching a ride out of Nuakchott took all of two minutes, and the very helpful Mauritanian soldier who offered a ride ended up walking me straight through his country’s notoriously tricky customs in no time at all. Arriving in the bustling Senegalese border town of Rosso would have been intimidating if it hadn’t been for my Nuakchott friend Merina, whose older brother’s daughter (but not his niece) was waiting to guide me to their lovely home near the town center. A note on family relations: it is easy for a Westerner to get confused! A man not only calls his biological dad “father”, but also all the brothers and half brothers of his dad can also be father (meaning all his uncle’s kids are brothers and sisters, instead of regular cousins), and even the friends of ... read more
Chinguitty sunrise, part two
Hi Mom !!
Mauritanian Soiree

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Tambacounda November 12th 2008

I added 01 October to 02 November later. Travels with a Dakar After the worst summer weather in living memory and my bike riding curtailed by a broken ankle added to which my plan to ride to central Asia came to nothing I was determined to do at least one major trip in the autumn of 2008. A return journey to West Africa seemed easiest. I'd been there in 2006 and loved it. Why not go again and explore the familiar again and find new parts. So West Africa it was to be. Six days before my departure I rode around the Border country between England and Scotland and wondered why was I leaving this quiet corner of heaven. The sun shone out of an unfamiliar blue sky and sparkled on wild hills and green river ... read more
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04 IMG 0007
05 Chefchaoun IMG 0009.2

Le 22 juillet 2007 (July 22, 2007) I still have to figure out whether I want to write in French or in English. I think that I have to ponder about the purpose of my blog. Do I want to perhaps publish it through Cabrini, or show it to my future employers by settling with the English language? Or do I want true self-satisfaction by expressing myself in French? Naturally, the French population is a minor one in the USA, so if I picked French over English, and my journal were to be published, I doubt many a people would read it. I think that I have to appeal to my heart and not what I consider right in terms of the United States standards. I believe that Americans strongly appreciate assimilation that an alien “should” ... read more
Big day...
What people

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Kedougou August 6th 2007

For numerous reasons, we have decided to leave the Peace Corps, and return home. Our experience in Senegal has been something that we wouldn't trade for the world, and return with new ideas and motivation for the next step in our lives. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, and we look forward to sharing our adventure with anyone who would like to hear about it!... read more
Last view of Africa!
Next Step?

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Kedougou July 4th 2007

We took a break from the hustle and bustle of Kedougou and decided to bike up to the falls. We made our way through many small villages along the way, and were immersed into the completly rural side of the Kedougou area. Everyone we passed gave us a smile, and the kids look at us like we were from another planet. The falls themselves were very immpressive. It was like being in a giant's shower for the day. We could hardly see the top, and the water was actually cold!!... read more

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Kedougou July 1st 2007

Today we hung out with the kids in our family giving them gifts from home and playing UNO. We started out with a structured game, but by the end it was a free-for-all and whoever could throw their cards down the quickest was the winner. We like their game better, definitely more exciting.... read more

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region June 23rd 2007

Cape Verde-Dakar-Petite Cote_Sine Saloum Delta-TambacoundaTom Griffith Senegalese bus journeys are stressful enough, without a mad, drunk, Sierra Leonean musician shouting abuse at you, as you struggle to squeeze into a tiny seat, clutching your oversized backpack. We had somehow picked up this mad guy, who was drinking beer for breakfast, at our hotel, and when he saw my guitar he decided he was going to teach me how to play No Woman No Cry 'the way Bob played it', and follow us to wherever we were going that day, even though our destination happened to be 50 kilometres down the coast away from where he was staying. Luckily for us, he was on crutches, so we managed to shake him off on the way from the hotel, but hecaught up with us at the bus stop, ... read more
Baobabs and graves
Chez Baby

Africa » Senegal » Tambacounda Region » Kedougou June 13th 2007

Last night another storm rolled in, but missed up by a couple miles. The storms are really intense, and you need to strap everything down that may fly away.......... read more

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