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Africa » Reunion » Reunion January 18th 2011

After a nice Xmas eve at Johan & Petra's we left Mauritius on 25 December for Reunion. The flight is very short, basically you take of and then land! All it takes is 25 minutes! Reunion is French territory, it is in fact France. The tiny island sends 5 MPs to Paris! We stayed in the South of the island, the first 3 days in Le Tampon at a local B&B called 'Fleur de Vanille', then at a hotel in the village of 'Entre-Deux' dominated by the Dimitile mountain range. The closest town is Saint Pierre, called the capital of the South (about 70,000 inhabitants). One of the few beaches of Reunion is there, protected from the heavy waters of the Indian Ocean by a coral reef. St Pierre is very animated, especially at night with ... read more
005 St Pierre
006 St Pierre the beach
007 St Pierre the beach

Africa » Reunion » Reunion April 7th 2010

Continuing southwest from Mauritius about 120 miles, we arrived at our 2nd unscheduled port, Reunion this morning about 7:00am. Today, we signed up for a 10-hour tour called “Volcano”, a trip to the La Fournaise Volcano, so we had to get a quick breakfast and hop on the bus by 7:30 for a long ride. Reunion is a French island with about 800,000 population located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Administratively, Reunion is one of the overseas departments of France and one of their 26 regions, with the same status as those situated on the European mainland. It is the outermost region of the European Union, and due to its eastern location, it was the first region in the world where the euro became legal tender. The Portuguese are thought to be the first ... read more
Our Guide
Cloud Over Plaine des Cafres
Beautiful Valley

Africa » Reunion » Reunion November 1st 2008

In Search of Pirate Treasure, Sorcery and Fresh Volcanic Mountain Air Nov. 1, 2008 Ile de La Reunion, Southern Indian Ocean Every morning, the thick cottony clouds begin to build up outside the three bowl-shaped volcanic cirques in the center of Ile de La Reunion in the southwestern Indian Ocean. Villages, in the valleys and perched high up on the hillsides within the cirques, are protected by the 8,000-foot peaks and are baked all morning in the tropical heat. As if on cue, usually about noon, the pressure builds and the clouds have nowhere else to go but up and over mountains and down into the cirques far below. The clouds, like water, pour down the steep hillsides and into the lush, tropical valleys. The temperatures in the valley then quickly drop as the sun disappears. ... read more
La Buse, Sorry to disturb....
Mauritius Muesli
Reunion's Mix of Cultures

Africa » Reunion » Reunion October 26th 2008

A short greeting from Ile de la Reunion, a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. Never heard of it? Me neither until recently. She lies 1 day downwind from Mauritius and is a French possession. In the south, there is an active volcano which occaisonally has a major eruption (but sputters and tosses just a little lava every day). A long time ago, there would have been total seismic chaos. Now, in the center of the island lie 3 ancient, extinct cirques - collapsed volcanic craters - which provide the ultimate hiking experience. Never mind the drone of expedition helicopters above and noisy day-trippers on the trail.. if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, strap on a heavy backpack, eat "franks-and-beans à la hobo", sleep under the stars and hike the cirques til you ... read more
I am le tired.
Onward through the fog!
Morning Tea: Hobo Style!

Africa » Reunion » Reunion April 3rd 2008

On the sixth and last day, I returned the bike to Herve, but not before checking out some of the Creole architecture in Saint Dennis. I had a great time riding through some amazing scenery. While the roads may not have been up to the standards of the French roads on the continent, the scenery more than made up for any deficiencies. The little beemer again proved to be a perfect bike for riding tight island roads. Hopefully I’ll be able to test the new BMW 800 GS soon. I would have to grade Reunion as a solid A as a touring destination. Friendly people, challenging roads, good food, and stunning scenery. Recap: Time: 6 days Distance: approximately 1000 km Gendarme sightings: 2 (both times on motorbikes, both times going faster than me). Puckers: 0 Bee ... read more

Africa » Reunion » Reunion April 2nd 2008

Day 5, my last full day on the island. I returned to the coast from the Cilaos caldera, enjoying the twisty, mountain roads, before turning north and heading towards Saint Dennis along the west coast. I stopped at a Creole barbeque for lunch. The food was a mixture of French, Indian and Malaysian. Boy, did I eat on this trip! Some of the meals had 6 courses. Only the French could invent a mini dessert placed between the apperitif and the main course. A small portion of coconut ice cream swimming in a bath of…you guessed it…more rum.... read more
Back To The Coast
Mountain Road

Africa » Reunion » Reunion April 1st 2008

Day 4, the skies were clear and I took a look around the town. Hell-Bourg has been called one of the most scenic French villages and rightly so. The Creole architecture of main street with the Piton des Neiges providing a stunning backdrop. ... read more
Reunion Dawn

Africa » Reunion » Reunion April 1st 2008

This afternoon I took the torturous road back up towards the Cirque de Cilaos. The weather was spectacular and I took full advantage of the opportunity to take more pictures. I returned to the same hotel that I stayed in a few days ago.... read more

Africa » Reunion » Reunion April 1st 2008

I head back towards the coast, exploring interesting roads as I go. Sugarcane is a major crop here and the sugarcane fields stretched as far as the eye could see. All the signs in towns were in French and few people spoke any English, putting my high school French to the test. In the town of Saint Andre, I came upon a Hindu temple and my brain did a backflip. It had to take a few seconds to figure out where I was. The South Pacific? India? France?…oh right, I’m on Reunion Island. It was a strange place in that way. The people were a mixture of French, African, Indian, Malaysian and Chinese. I have to say, I never encountered any of the French gruffness that sometimes seems prevalent on the continent. Everyone I came across ... read more

Africa » Reunion » Reunion March 31st 2008

Today, I awoke to the sound of the pitter patter of raindrops on my window. I decided to tough it out and head for the coast, hoping to find better weather. It was a 1 hour slog thru a misting rain back down to the coast, but fortunately, the weather began to improve. I headed south along the shore towards the island’s remaining active volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise. Unfortunately, team orson’s photographer decided to store his camera in the front pocket of his jacket during the rain, and the camera started to malfunction. I honestly don’t know why we keep the idiot around. So, there are no pictures of steam arising from the lava fields on the south coast of the island. Fortunately for team orson’s photographer, the sun began to work its charms ... read more
Lava Field
Banana Trees
Cirque de Salazie

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