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Africa » Reunion » Reunion » Saint Gilles Les Bains February 7th 2016

Reunion Island video clips: Reunion TV url= 1-21-16 Reunion Island Reunion Island la hon dao thuoc Phi Chau, nam ngoai khoi South Africa va cach South Africa hon 2,500km. La vung dat thuoc Phap, bi Phap chiem dong tu nam 1638 den nay. Rong 2,500km2. Nho bang 1/100 Vietnam. Co dan so la 844,000 nguoi, bang 1/11 Vietnam . Do do dan chung song dong duc hon voi mat do 340 nguoi/km2. Moi nguoi trung binh kiem duoc $26,000 gap 20 lan dan Vietnam. Cach dao Mauritius 175 km. Dan Au chau va cac dao lan can bat dau dinh cu tai day vao the ky 17. Che do no le cham dut o day vao thang 12... read more
Vua Duy Tan len ngoi luc 7 tuoi
Vua Duy Tan trong quan doi Phap trong WW2
Bia da truoc duoc chanh quyen dao La Reunion gan truoc cua tiem  va la noi cu ngu cua vua Duy Tan nam 1945 khi nha vua mat, hom nay 1-21-2016 van con day.

Africa » Reunion » Saint Denis August 2nd 2015

Reunion is an intriguing travel destination. Situated less than an hour's flight from Mauritius, all of a sudden visitors are transplanted in to the EU. This is despite the fact the island is way out here in the Indian ocean, and close to the coast of Africa. It's almost surreal getting your head around seeing EU number plates on the cars as they zoom past, and becoming accustomed to the French language and culture that pervades this beautiful island. The French are fully committed to Reunion as an overseas department, so in many respects the locals are privileged to enjoy the world class infrastructure, roads, and bus service provided at a level comparable to Europe. The island is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and although she last blew off a ... read more
Street in Saint-Paul
Saint-Gilles port
Beautiful colours

Africa » Reunion April 1st 2015

Mittwoch, 01.04.2015 Port Luis – St. Denis(134 Seemeilen) Während wir schliefen, legte unser Schiff die kurze Strecke von Mauritius nach Réunion zurück. Leider hat die Hauptstadt, St. Denis keinen Hafen. Die Schiffe legen etwa 25 Kilometer entfernt in „Le Port“, einem Industriehafen an. Am Morgen hatten wir einen inkludierten, 4stündigen Ausflug in die Stadt. Es war nicht eine Stadtrundfahrt im üblichen Sinne. Unsere Busse wurden, von Polizisten auf Motorrädern, in die Stadt eskortiert, wir kamen uns vor wie hohe Staatsgäste. Jede Ampel, konnten die Fahrer bei Rot passieren. St. Denis hatte nicht viel an Sehenswürdigkeiten zu bieten. In der Stadt angekommen konnten wir wählen, uns entweder dem Fremdenführer anschliessen, oder wie wir auf eigene Faust die Stadt erkunden. Ohne Fremdenführer kann man einen grösseren Radius ablaufen, denn in den Bussen sind... read more

Africa » Reunion May 14th 2014

Speaking French would be a huge plus, but we made do without much more than a few essential phrases, bonjour, merci and vin por favor. And let me tell you how very pleased we are not to have let the lack of English research info dissuade us from visiting this utterly spell binding island. The missus and I decided to do something a little different after hearing that a rental car would almost definitely be needed in order to see the island properly, and being on a limited budget and accommodation being pretty expensive, we hired a camper van. This would serve as our car and our accommodation all wrapped up in one. What a lag, not being the tiniest of human beings we certainly started off getting in each others way but before long we ... read more

Africa » Reunion » Reunion August 25th 2013

Some believe he does really existed, as evidence proves. Some believe he is fake; he didn’t exist and is just a myth, a sort of urban legend. Some believe maybe he existed even though hagiographic transcription could be wrong or mistakenly written. Some do not believe anything at all. What is really true is Saint Expédit cult of is one of the most widespread in the French department of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Extended and expeditious. Saint Expédit is reputed to be effective and readily responding to prayers and requests raised before his altars. Resolving to merchants, sailors and particularly for students on the eve of their exams, so prayers are particularly dedicated to this purpose: O Saint Expédit, toi qui le patron des écoliers is, plein de confiance in ta fidèle intercession, je viens ... read more
02-Saint Expédit en La Plaine des Cafres
07- Altar a Saint Expédit
09-Saint Expédit

Africa » Reunion » Reunion July 27th 2013

Olivier Levasseur, better known in his time as La Buse, still must be laughing from his grave. From his grave? No, because he is not buried there. For a simple reason: the Cemetery Marine of Saint Paul, at the northwest of Reunion, formerly known as Ille Bourbon, did not exist when Levasseur was hung high and short. But let us serve a generous glass of good old rum. A Vieux Charrette or a Riviere du Mat from Reunion Island, and let’s start it all from the beginning. And the beginning is, or it was, about the year 1680 in the French town of Calais, the narrowest point between France and England in the English Channel. A woman die giving birth to her baby. Thus, the child Olivier, who never knew his mother was in the care ... read more
Cilaos, La Reunión
Ille Sainte Marie, Madagascar
Ille Sainte Marie, Madagascar

Africa » Reunion » Cirque Du Mafate » La Nouvelle June 23rd 2013

Day 4: Grand Îlet to La Nouvelle via Col des Boeufs 2hr, 4.5km, 520m descent Tip: avoid the slog back uphill to Le Bélier and up the route forestière (forest road) to the Col des Boeufs; alternatively, take the bus from Grand Îlet to Le Bélier and on to Col des Boeufs car park just below the summit ; if there’s no bus when you set off, it’s easy to get a ride up there. Thus you’ll spare yourself a rather monotonous section. From the Col des Boeufs it’s an easy 2½- hour hike to La Nouvelle. This is the same as the first day of the Haut Mafate walk, crossing the atmospheric Plaine des Tamarins and descending on the far side to the village of La Nouvelle. Aft... read more
DAY 4: Cirque de Mafate
DAY 4: Cirque de Mafate
Day 5: Cirque de Mafate

Africa » Reunion » Cirque Du Salazie » Hellbourg June 21st 2013

Day 2: Caverne Dufour to Hell-Bourg via Piton des Neiges & Cap Anglais duration: 7hr, 11km, 600m ascent, 2140 descent Back at the Caverne Dufour, the trail to Hell-Bourg (six hours) runs north across the saddle and skirts the rim of the Cirque de Salazie, passing through giant heather forest. It’s a bit of a mud chute, so watch your footing. After 1¼ hours you’ll reach a whitepainted cross at Cap Anglais, from where there are excellent views over the Cirque de Salazie. Take the GR R1 variant straight downhill from here to the southern end of Hell-Bourg (2¾ hours), emerging near the stadium. Instead of getting straight to Hell Bourg from Cap Anglais, die-hards may choose to walk along the Cirque rim through the lush Forêt de Bébour-Bélouve. Just beyond the turn-off, the trail begins ... read more
Day 3: Cirque de Salazie
DAY 2: Cirque de Salazie
DAY 2: Cirque de Salazie

Africa » Reunion » Cirque Du Cilaos » Cilaos June 19th 2013

Woke up to a great morning, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my tummy is churning, not something I ate but from excitement, since I came across Reunion on the internet, I have always looked forward to finally getting to the hiking trails and discover it's natural beauty. People say it's like a small version of Hawaii, I have never been to Hawaii but from the pictures I saw, I can see why, the interior of Reunion is mainly lush vegetation clinging to volcanic jagged cliffs, it rains a lot here too and thus it's all green, vines of chouchou(chayote) grow wild all over the place, deep valleys, volcanoes, mild climate, this is indeed the French Hawaii. Reunion is a French department and thus part of the European Union, not Schengen compliant yet, ... read more
GR R1 road
Cirque de Cilaos
Cirque de Cilaos

Africa » Reunion » Saint Denis June 18th 2013

On our flight from Tana to St.Denis, We are above the clouds and I can see the beautiful colors of sunset, flying on Air Austral's twin propeller plane, we are very excited to be moving on to a new adventure, not a lot of people know about this tiny island in the Indian Ocean, most of the tourists that come here are French and a few Europeans, I myself only found out about this island while researching about the Madagascar trip, since I am already on this part of the world, why not pay it a visit, the photos on the internet looks amazing, and hiking is it's best attraction. Soon as we arrived at the airport in St.Denis, you can instantly see the difference, the terminal is clean, everybody speaks French, I feel like I ... read more
road to Cilaos

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