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November 29th 2005
Published: November 29th 2005
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the francophonie games are coming to niger 7th-17th of december
a lasting evidence of french colonialism, countries once under, and still associated with french rule send athletes for a kind of mini olympics.
the stadium is right down the street from us and we can go and watch rehersals for the dance troupes at night, quite exciting
we got invited to be in a dance but considering we've only had 1 dance lesson i think we'll have to politely decline
all of the walls are getting hastily white washed, a women's group sponsored a whole bunch of old oil drums to but cut in half and made into trash cans to try and curb trash, and the existing trash in the streets and sidewalks is raked into big piles to be burned. there is a new and not so attractive clock at the main intersection near the stadium and the "village chinois" where all the athletes will be housed is going to be finished in time, inch'allah(god willing)
they're taking all the street kids and putting them in an undisclosed house until after the games when they will be allowed to live on the street again in...peace

niamey is so bustling right now
it's going to be doubly so when the guests start arriving
i'll keep you updated


29th November 2005

so much is going on over there! these stories are extremely interesting. guess what happened to me today? I said too much about feminist art in section. people looked at me funny. missing you, keep up the fab writing! xoxog

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