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November 29th 2005
Published: November 29th 2005
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we took our first final today
it went ok
even with the redundant questions and the completely illogical "logic fill in the blank sentences"
our prof brought us little cakes and a bag of meat. the gross kind of meat, the intestine meat, probably goat.
the little cakes had "poire" and "mauka" written on them
pear and mocha
but we thought it said "poivre"
but they were good normal white cake, not quite american normal, but edible, not like my birthday cake with butter icing that was just butter.

i'm eating meat now
despite the fact that it is sold outside teaming with flies and i see animals in their living states more than usual

we have review session for philosophy after dance class today and then we're going to get banana splits at the italian restaurant near us, things are winding down and the girls are starting to feel the panic of the impending departure
i'm preparing for the family's arrival and not even thinking about leaving the second semester...


29th November 2005

homestay week
Hi Lily, Say, can you tell me precisely what courses you take currently and what you'll take next semester? Cheers, Tim

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