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February 13th 2006
Published: February 13th 2006
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throwing up and diarrhea at the same time.
after 4 months here with hardly a rumble in the tummy and i get sick. but it wasn't that bad, 'cause that was yesterday and i'm at the internet cafe at night and the only ickiness i felt today was when i ate too much and probably too zealously cause i was so hungry.
it was the sandwhich i ate at evasion
or the brochettes and frites before that as the sun was setting and bob marley was playing, followed by some Malian music. Yussef was writing a text message to mom and dad and a travelling vendor was at the next table showcasing little cars and helicoptors made out of old(but shiny) fanta cans. the sun was lost in the pollution. even the pirouges were lazy and entrapped in the weird haze. i watched one and it's perfect symetrical other drift out of the frames of the railing in front of me.
and a dog with swinging swollen nipples made the rounds of the tables.
and the toilet was partway buried in the ground, made for people who grew up crouching over a hole, therefor having no real need for actually sitting on the porcelein, it just looks nicer that way.
there was a guy with a table of books at the entrance and there was an archeology book that my dad had bought when he was here that i thought he wanted another copy of.
next to "the olympic pool" which is actually something like 7 meters shy of olympic length so they can't have any real races in it. . .
i have in-between the boob sweat for the first time in a while and i'm actually, well not enjoying it, but it has a funny way of reminding me of my first time in niger. . . i'm going to be eating these words soon, whooo

of all the holidays that they celebrate here that "we" know, they do valentine's day, and I have one 😊


13th February 2006

i swear to god i clicked on this my french housemate started playing jack johnson and im serious the only line she has sung with a french accent is MAKING BANANA PANCAKES

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