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October 21st 2018
Published: October 21st 2018
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Darlene has worked hard at blogging when wifi is rarely strong, power fluctuating and cell signals sporadic . She gets a break and you get my take for the next part

• In the first 4 days I was zapped by an electric fence when putting our go pro on a fence. banged my head 4-5 times on the pass tour to the cab,banged my head again when pointing out a root at night and smacked a tree on the same sore head! then, bit by a wasp when plugging in power. Then it all smoothed out...

• Driving on the wrong side of the road in a Motorhome is one thing but to do it on such a variety of road conditions is really fun. We have had some of the best and worst roads I have ever seen.Sometimes my hands are vibrating for 10 minutes after stopping either from fear or the “death grip” I use.Potholes and washboard really can be challenging when you are also avoiding oncoming traffic, and all sorts of animals...One time I suddenly cam across two huge potholes with a 6” bridge between them and big truck coming at me all at the same time.I closed my eyes and “let the force be with me“ and magically went over the bridge between potholes Cheers in our cab! So glad we have good tires too....
• Pickleball....Have been looking but only a few sightings. The Big5 animals have been frequent but pickleballs few.
• The people in all four countries have been very nice.Its amazing how many can speak 4 or more languages. we are lucky that English is fairly universal. I hope we have more contact with locals yet as it feels a little odd driving an expensive vehicle in countries were the average family only earns a few hundred dollars a year. Even a bigger descepancy was seen when we stumbled on a road rally where super sports cars were doing a cannonball run. There was a Million dollar Mclaren amongst them and considering how how the highways can be great or poor and changing all the time I don’t know how the did it. Another Africa car rally had only pre 70 cars none with AC even more amazing as we have seen high 30’sC....
• Africa truly diverse and already we don’t want it too end but we have been warned it’s going to get even better for animals and worse for potholes..... Bring it on!,

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21st October 2018

OMG sounds like an interesting drive. Thank goodness you have Benadryl for that wasp sting!! Be careful driving sounds challenging,

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