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April 19th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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We stopped along the coastal road to see and photograph these delicate birds.
The Namib Desert is said to be the world’s oldest living desert and is what a real desert should look like. Some of the dunes rise over 1,000 feet above the surrounding desert plains. There are crescent shaped dunes that migrate up to 2 or 3 yards a year, covering and uncovering whatever crosses its path. There are fossil dunes that consist of ancient sand that solidified millions of years ago. Then there are the star-shaped dunes, formed by the multi-directional winds that tumble the sand back and forth.

Today we chose the Swakopmund Sightseeing tour that left the ship at 8:30am. We drove along the coastal road and stopped for some fabulous flamingo photos. We then headed inland into the Namib Desert and stopped at Dune 7, the highest sand dune in the Walvis Bay area where we got to walk around and take photos. Doug took off his shoes and socks and headed up the dune as far as he could get. The sand was real soft and deep when hiking up. After some good photos we re-boarded the bus and drove to Swakopmund.

It is right out of Bavaria! It’s a very classic German town with
Skinny LegsSkinny LegsSkinny Legs

It's like they are walking on stilts.
early 19th century architecture. Swakopmund, about 20 miles north of Walvis Bay, clings to the edge of the continent, as it has done since the first 40 German settlers and 120 German colonial troops landed here in the 19th century. Our driver & guide told us that many of the residents still prefer speaking German. Our first stop was the Karakulia Weavery, where the wool of the Karakul sheep is spun and woven into custom rugs and other wool wall hangings by hand on big looms. We went into the production area and watched them at work. They use photographs to be sure their final product is perfect. We bought a nice zebra rug for the Sea Nymph.

After that, we drove a short distance to the Kristall Gallerie, a center displaying crystals weighing up to 14 tons, and considered the largest in the world. Annette also spotted a nice necklace that we ended up going back for. We had the opportunity to walk around the town for a while before the bus took us to a nice beach area.

Upon our return to the ship, we hung out until the ship sailed at 6:00. This evening, we
Up CloserUp CloserUp Closer

They all have their head in the water at the same time.
had dinner with Elizabeth, who went on the safari with us, and her friend Bob, who is a judge. Just another beautiful day and experience in Africa on this amazing world cruise.

Additional photos below
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A Little ReflectionA Little Reflection
A Little Reflection

They are beautiful to watch.
Tell Me a SecretTell Me a Secret
Tell Me a Secret

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
The Dance of Love!The Dance of Love!
The Dance of Love!

These two are enjoying each others company.
Annette at Dune 7Annette at Dune 7
Annette at Dune 7

Annette and the palm tree with the tall Dune 7 in the background.
Doug in the DistanceDoug in the Distance
Doug in the Distance

After taking off shoes and socks, he scampered up the dune as far as he could get in the soft deep sand. a
In the TelephotoIn the Telephoto
In the Telephoto

Annette went telephoto on this shot. a
Taken From High on Dune 7Taken From High on Dune 7
Taken From High on Dune 7

You can see a long ways from up here...and a lot of sand.
Looking Down on the BusesLooking Down on the Buses
Looking Down on the Buses

Not a Starbucks in sight.
Karakulia SignKarakulia Sign
Karakulia Sign

A custom weaving company that uses Karakul sheep wool. These sheep have very long and shabby wool.
A Carpet in the MakingA Carpet in the Making
A Carpet in the Making

The weaver studies a photo for his accuracy.
Another WeaverAnother Weaver
Another Weaver

This lady is working on a large rug.
Our Rug MakerOur Rug Maker
Our Rug Maker

Annette met the young lady that wove the small rug we bought.
The Sales LadyThe Sales Lady
The Sales Lady

This happy young lady helped us with the purchase. a
Our New Zebra RugOur New Zebra Rug
Our New Zebra Rug

Annette is happily holding our new rolled-up rug.
Kristall GallerieKristall Gallerie
Kristall Gallerie

This is a large piece of quartz outside the entrance of the gallery.
14 Tons! 14 Tons!
14 Tons!

This is the largest cluster of quartz crystal in the world. They had a lot of beautiful carved statues, art pieces and jewelry.
Shopping AreaShopping Area
Shopping Area

There is a cute shopping mall in the downtown area.

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